Who will win the boxing match between hayes vs valuev

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Who will win the boxing match between hayes vs valuev? David Hayes is a tiny man compared to Nikolai Valuev; can size be the determining factor or can David really take valuev down?

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  1. amomipais82
    I wouldn't say hes out of shape at all. Proportionately he's not as muscular as Hayes, but he has a bit more fat on him to take the brunt of any body shots. What he lacks in power he makes up for in stamina. Valeuv has taken full on hits to the torso and face, and just shakes it off. No one has even made him wobble a bit. He can last a full 12 rounds of beating, and I think thats his plan. He'll let Hayes uload on him the first few rounds, wearing him out, and that will leave Valuev open to finish him off. Its a mistake Hayes has made before, which caused him a loss. I think he's going to do it again, as he said his plan it to try and go for the knockout. He's eager to prove himself. It could go either way, but from what I've seen I think Valuev will take it, and if he does lose if will be on points, certainly not a knockout.

  2. Guest3995
    hayes definetly
  3. Guest9411
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