Why Elizabeth Hurley stuck into wardrobe malfunction?

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I am a big fan of Elizabeth Hurly and still trying to find out some reasonable answer to justify her wardrobe malfunction.  I want to know on which event when she was stuck into the wardrobe malfunction.

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  1. Guest7164

    Well it’s surprising enough as she has left all of her fans and critics in a state of misunderstanding. Really no one could understand why she is showing a very disturbed behavior. It is not more than a cheap publicity stunt. Otherwise there is no need to show such hilarious attitude in public. No doubt, a star is considered to be public property and it requires a lot of efforts to gain a respectable place. I t seems Elizabeth Hurley is bit confused with her fashion statement, as she did some daring wardrobe malfunction in the breast cancer awareness event

    Maybe it was pre planned, as Elizabeth Hurley left numerous eyes popping when she emerged for a breast cancerous infection perception happening wearing a brilliant pink strapless dress which scarcely concealed her modesty. The 43 years vintage player seemed in help of Breast Cancer Awareness Month but what she represented was truly unethical, and she must consider what she has done in public.

    The player turned latest tendency designer was wearing a pink dress, giving a good outlook of her twin assets. The gaze was teemed with shiny heels and bouncy curls, accounts The Telegraph. Recently, Elizabeth Hurley much announced “safety pin” dress was cast a vote the utmost red carpet gown of all time.



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