Why Internet explorer cannot display the web page?

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I have uploaded my web pages and I can open it on my PC but on my laptop internet explorer cannot display the web page. I am using internet explorer 8. Someone please tell me what the problem is.

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  1. Guest3115

    Internet explorer could not display the web page because of various issues.

    It could be because of connectivity problem to your ISP, your networking device may be working improperly, or a firewall may block your internet connection. Here are some solutions to solve the issue:

    Method 1: In Internet Explorer, run the Network Diagnostics tool

    • Start Internet Explorer on your PC, try to access the Web page that is showing the error message on the screen.

    • Now you will active the Diagnose Connection Problems link on the page that is displaying an Internet Explorer error message. It will run the Network Diagnostics tool. After completing the process, tool will generate a report, showing one of the following results:

    - Unable to locate any problem.

    - Diagnostics tool has found an issue. Furthermore, the tool provides guidance for the next steps to troubleshoot the problem.

    • Here you need to move to IP Address, and write down the IP Address. You may require it in future for troubleshooting.

    • After that you have to follow the steps in the Network Diagnostics tool to find the solution of connection errors.

    • Now restart Internet Explorer.

    If you are receiving error message again after performing the above method, then try the next method.

    Method 2:  Here you will reset your PC modem or the router

    1.       Disconnect the cable that connects the computer to the modem.

    2.     Then disconnect the power cable to the router or to the modem.

    3.      Now restart your PC.

    4.      After restarting your system, reconnect the cable from the computer to the router or the modem, and again restart your computer.

    5.      Here, ensure that all cables of the network are properly connected.

    6.      Now start your Internet Explorer.


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