Why Pakistan lost 1971 war

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I want all details and facts about Pakistans lost war in 1971.

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  1. Guest2732

     There are many factors behind this war. Before the war India very well set a ground for its Army to penetrate into the areas next to Bangladesh. The Indian area next to Bangladesh the seven sister states. All the violence which lead Pakistan into such happening which is marked as to be the black day in Pakistani history. 

    Besides India, Pakistani them selves played a very vital role in this separation. The leaders are Bangladesh where getting more seats in election due to more population in Bangladesh, But some how there was a direct hit to the political setup with in Pakistan, The political parties from both sides East and West Pakistan played their own role in this act as well. 

    Thou it never happens that any army of 90,000 surrenderer's but we made it possible because of our greed of money which is always there in Pakistani's more then any one else in the world. This greed and blindness about to have rule in hand, the political parties of that time made this separation knowingly and intentionally because at that time the East Pakistan the present day Bangladesh were never happy to live along with the West Pakistan.

    Now gathering all the facts and compiling them India never wanted to have the enemy on two sides of the country. That is why they lead groups of people who changed the minds and thinking of the Bangladesh people against West Pakistan through these seven sister states. And paid heavily to the leaders in Bangladesh of that time. 

    So when Army is not backed even by the civilians they are fighting for then they have to surrender because the people of Bangladesh were also against the Pakistani Army at that time. Due to which this all happened. 

    Now no one is sure who to blame but it is a joint effort by the politicians to divide Pakistan. The same way the current government is working in Pakistan. The people who are thief's and sinner at now sitting at the top most seats of Pakistan and just taking away the wealth of Pakistan outside to those countries where they can have luxurious life.


  2. Guest4886

     it was all due to corruption dats a simple answer rather going to details.

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