Why Prepare A Business Plan?

by Guest6907  |  10 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Can any one tell me the reason to prepare a business plan?

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  1. Guest9078
    Your business plan is going to be useful in a number of ways
    First and foremost, it will define and focus your objective using appropriate information and analysis.
    You can use it as a selling tool in dealing with important relationships including your lenders, investors and banks.
    Your business plan can uncover omissions and/or weaknesses in your planning process.
    You can use the plan to solicit opinions and advice from people, including those in your intended field of business, who will freely give you invaluable advice. Too often, entrepreneurs forge ahead ("My Way!") without the benefit of input from experts who could save them a great deal of wear and tear. "My Way" is a great song, but in practice can result in unnecessary hardships.

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