Why Saudi Police Opened Fire To disperse Protesters?

by Guest9908  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I heard a news on Sky news channel that Saudi police have opened fire to disperse anti government protesters, please share the details.

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  1. Guest9050

    In K.S.A the officials have stickily banned any sort of protest of any kind. In K.S.A if there is a rule for one then it is surely for all the people living in K.S.A.

    It was in 1979 when there held a protest against some issue in K.S.A and the protesters were shoot to death at that time as well. They want to run the country instead of dragging individuals.

    So no one is above the rules simple and straight and that is the right way to adopt. If government is providing you with the the facilities of modern life then there is no sort of point for protest.

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