Why Shahid Afridi and pakistani players were not picked in ipl

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Why Shahid Afridi and pakistani players were not picked in ipl. this is very interesting and nails it right on the spot where it clearly shows, politics control everything or shall we say availability makes a difference.  

not to pick a single pakistani players sends a clear signal that the country and the Indian people are united and want to have nothing to do with pakistan. disgracing the players and pakistani cricket in a such way at the world stage is brilliant and Lalit Modi played a perfect act to make sure it was done right.

First lets extend deadlines as many times as possible so all pakistani players can be included; what will be the fun if no players were available and that is the reason they are not selected.  the humiliation is much better served when all pakistani players were, willing and able to play, pakistan cricket board was looking forward to them playing and pakistan government had no objection whatsoever; only in this case not picking the pakistani players takes the humiliation at a whole new level.

i was at first shocked, then i laughed and that followed with wow Lalit Modi has a clever mind, not only he staged it all but made sure no ipl team dared to go against his wishes.  

Now the pakistan players are thinking we should never have signed up for it, government think tank is kicking themselves between the legs for not seeing this coming and pakistan cricket board is just too stupid to really think or do anything.

If IPL is a business and pakistani public was to boycott ipl 100%, maybe just maybe next time things will be different but pakistani public will never do this, they will never boycott and this lack of unity is what makes the country so easily disgraced time and time again.  This entire thing is just too funny and Lalit Modi, the indian government and lots of single minded indians are laughing all the way to the bank........brilliant act, intelligently organized and perfectly delivered.

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  1. Guest1630
    serves you guys right

  2. Guest8730
    best thing can happen.... by the way not they are ready to play in India.... hmmmmm.. now money playing role ahaed of security
  3. Guest3126
    i think they were not selected due to politics but it is not good as far as friendship batween 2 nations are concerned because game always increase friendship so they should be put seprate from politics
  4. Guest9122
    No one from Pakistan was picked up in the Ipl.
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