Why are Christian Louboutin shoes so expensive?

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Why are Christian Louboutin shoes so expensive?

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  1. Victor Strong


    I think that the reason comes down to three things, one having to do with the nature of the purchaser and the other having to do with the way things are glamourized in our world today and the last having to do with rising costs and competition.


    Shoes are something that all (most) of us have to wear and represent an easy way to make a statement stylistically. They are also easier to wear and look good in as compared to dresses and other haute couture garb, which makes it more accessible in that sense. Purchasers have proven that they are willing to pay for things that they like and for quality and Louboutins, with their famous red soles represent both.

    In terms of media, celebrities have endorsed the shoes very well over the past 5-6 years, making them an easy target for today's consumer. Many of us want to live like the rich and famous do and wearing what they wear is an easy way to live vicariously through them. Also, with fashion and style representing so much of our media streams shoes like this generate a tremendous amount of hype and attention, making the prices ($2,600 for some boots) justifiable for some.

    Last but not least, Mr. Louboutin himself has cited increased material and labour costs as reasons why the prices of his shoes have increased over time. An increase from an already high price is no excuse, however in terms of business and profitability (he makes tons of both) they have to be considered.

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