Why are black people so arrogant,nasty,rude,and loud

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Why are black people so arrogant,nasty,rude,and loud

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  1. Victor Strong

     The type of people described can be from all races, cultures or creeds. There are well mannered and ill mannered people of all colours and nationalities. Barack Obama is a stud as is Denzel Washington and various other great people throughout history. Painting everyone with the same brush does no one favours and one person's acts are not those of his people. 

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  3. jenn522


     ok let me not racist at all for MINORITIES the a minority myself who deals with LOTS Of racism and other things...but the black people of today...many are just HORRIBLE....mean RUDE NASTY BAD ATTITUDES...the men can be bad but a lot of it are the awful stupid b*tchy women...they are like monsters...i'd say animals but animals are civil and decent. black b*tches are MEAN EVIL RUDE NASTY C*NTS...omg??? they are the WORST. and im a pretty minority girl and they HATE me..rude mean ... i dont know what is wrong with these stupid wh*res??? i HATE racism...and i'd fight against any kind of oppression discrimination but these black wh*res are racist towards ME!! they are mean and towards others...something is wrong iwth these s***k ho losers.... in the past...good black people were oppressed and it was so terrible....the people back then...tehse days...the black women are just so bad.... i just steer clear of them because even being in their presesnce...they are mean obnoxious attack people are rude...bad...omg... there are SOME decent black women and i cant believe im even making THAT racist statement but it's true...only SOME are ok...the rest are heathens...someone cage these wh*res or at least b*tch slap them for the way they treat others...they are like animals or worse....also they are mean to everyone and discriminate....and don't say it's b/c of their ancestors....who got oppressed...their ancestors were decent people...the s****s of today are just the WORST....and anytime they encounter me they are rude nasty....attack me are mean to me...they are horrible...and nicki minaj is a black c*nt...who doesnt deserve to be where she is..she has NO talent and is horrible....even black female celebrities these days the past they had the most amazing people in the business now it's just trash and c**p....losers with no talent...

  4. Robert

     Because blacks who behave like that are angry that they have to share this world with racist like you. Also blacks are generally but not always highly sensitive and emotional so they can sense when your a racist most of the time before even really talking to you and if not that assume you are. Basically, it's because they hate you too. 

    P.S I'm a black guy, b***h

  5. yoli

    A) I had no prejudice against blacks until my black neighbors would say sexual things and give me the finger out their windows when I would arrive at my apartment and get out of my car to open the garage. I thought they were getting ready to jump over their back patio into mine to rape me. I had the police come to confront them and the policeman gave me wonderful advice: "You have to move". Up until then I had not problems with them. Would dance in clubs with black people. Would have black friends and visit their homes.

    B) The only bully I ever experienced was a black girl in junior high. She bullied EVERYONE. She put her snot in the cake in cooking class. Her father was a minister. 

    C) Got over that and now working with the most rude, lazy and mean black woman I have every met in my entire life.

    I am a minority.

    It's not PC, but it's a true fact. The average IQ is about 100. The average IQ for black people is 80. That's borderline retarded. Why did I look that up? Because of A, B, C.

    I have come to the conclusion there is something wrong with the majority of black people. I think it goes back to the IQ issue.


    I recognize that probably 80% of blacks have this problem and 20% do not.  However, it's human nature that if you encounter a an oven and get burned 80% of the time, you will instinctively become wary when you encounter an oven.  So don't blame everyone else about prejudging how they feel a black person is.  It's a normal reaction.  


    Blacks have to change, then everyone else will.  But they have to change first.


    Black people, when you see 80% of your race doing this, you need to step-up and intervene.
  6. Guest43115

    I've had to move constantly since 1993.Up until then i lived in predominantly white areas or communities(apartments) and never had much of a problem with neighbors or anyone for that matter.In 1993,as black people began to move in to so many of the white areas of the city,things changed for the worse.if anyone remembers,it was around  1993 when blacks began to integrate more in to the cities from what was once considered 'black sides of town'.here in the dallas area the black side of town was a city called oak cliff.As the blacks moved into predominantly white communities,those communities eventually became crime magnets.drugs,violence,etc//predominantly white communities that were once quiet after 10pm,began to hear boomcars and see blacks hanging out and about all hours of the night.i'm not the only person that experienced these things,in fact if you whites over 30 ,think back on this,you'll remember it and realise i'm absolutely correct.i've had to move over and over again since 1993 simply because when i'd move in to a predominantly wihte,quiet,low crime area,sooner than later blacks would move in and it  would become ghetto-ish ,just like the places i lived in previously./noisy..boomcars..blacks out and about all hours of the night.coke machines broken into.washers and dryers broken alarms going off because blacks were breaking into cars.ever since they began to integrate into the white sides of town,crime has escalated and will remain bad in any area that's predominantly black.i think it's funny when someone claims otherwise cuz they're full of sh*t./I've seen what happens.anytime a nice quiet ,white area becomes 'black', the ghetto atmosphere takes over completely.think went black..communities began to go black.overall,what good has come from integration.even today,most of the crime in and around the area i live in is committed by blacks.that and illegal aliens.if you've ever lived ina predominantly white area,then moved suddenly to a black area..well..just don't do it!! period!! 

  7. amomipais82
    In my line of work, color has nothing to do with people being rude and degenerate. I respond to all kinds of people "in need" who are of different races and I've had my share of crappy, ungrateful people. Just my 2 cents for the 2 points.
  8. Guest7422
    Why is ANYONE that way?  It ain't just African-Americans.  Not from my pespective.
  9. Guest8294
    Frist off dickhead u sound  4 askin a dumb question like dis u raices ,un educated,un lovin child smh...
  10. Guest2773
    Because they have no one to put a check on their egos except other black ppl.  If a non black guy calls them out on their arrogance they'll just scream racist, so no one even bothers with letting them know how obscenely cocky they can get.
  11. Guest2927
    Why are white people so RACIST *@%$
  12. Guest425
    How dare you.  That is a stero type and you should have enough class to not be racist.  That is a sterotype im 13 and black, im the best student in my class (out of cocaion,asain,brown...) im financially stable,im quiet and speak up when i need to and im nice to every decnt person i meet. I suppose your calling the Obamas,Beyonce,Harriet tubman and every other black person that ever livedarrogant,nasty,rude and loud.
  13. Guest5751
    First off, people need to learn to spell... It's Steroetype not sterotype. It's Caucasian not cocaion. Are you quite sure that you are "the best" in your class, child? And that right there is a sign of black arrogance. Saying you're the best in the class. And White People aren't the only ones that are racist, Black people are too!

    To the guy that wrote this: "Frist off dickhead u sound 4 askin a dumb question like dis u raices ,un educated,un lovin child smh..."

    What the h**l, did you pass school? English mainly? Frist i assume is supposed to be first. an the un educated, un lovin child thing, uh... those are supposed to be together or with this magical thing here called a hyphen you know... this >>> -. And next time, do try to put your sentence in the correct order of words. "First off dickhead, u sound dumb 4 askin a questino like dis u RACIST (not raices), uneducates, un-lovin child smg..."

    Oh, and it is mainly just African Americans. Who do you normally see park in handicap spots at stores? They feel like society owes them for them being slaves. Well, you guys aren't the only race that's suffered? Ever heard of the Trail of Tears? Go look it up then complain about black people the only race suffering. My race has suffered too. (That's American Indian for the idiots that haven't figured it out yet.)
  14. Guest1150
    "That is a sterotype im 13 and black, im the best student in my class (out of cocaion,asain,brown...)"

    Obviously you're not the best student in your class when you can't even spell "Caucasian" or "Asian" correctly. It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
  15. Guest2774
    there not im white,i just think they want nore atention and one today kicked me in the head that b***h
  16. Guest8843
    im black and proud of it so do not make fun of my race. tht is stereotypical! if u asked my teachers i was good natured shy and quiet. u cannot put a lable on people becoz of skin tones. it reminds me of something tht happened along time ago.... oh yea! SEGREGATION. ppl thought my race was evil and worth dirt but little did they kno there r some good black ppl (MLK, George Washington Carver, OBAMA!!!) come on! wut r u gonna do now? put up ur confederate flag? wow........ b***h/sob. btw i only act out on racist ppl..... maybe tht's y they r soooo 'mean' 2 u becoz ur racist. hope  it helps racist f****r
  17. Guest156
    okay so jus bout til my freshman yr all i was friends with was black ppl (im hispanic) then i startd chilln wit only hispanics and i jus graduated last semester and im in college and now once again i only chill with black people & they are cool and fun and s**t -BUT- they are rude, loud, and way to blunt. atleast ALL the ones i know (except for probably one) are always on the defense and ready to start talkin s**t, whether its just playing or they being for real. Especially the guys, idk why they are like that. not all black people are like that though...but mostly all the ones ive come across are. i really dont know why...but i dont like it. hah && it may sound racist, not just what i said but whateveryone else said..but DUH how is it not going to sound even a little racist? and its not that we are racist, we are just sayin the truth. and like i said its not everyone who is black. and not even all the lower educated just happens that theres a pattern...idk they're cool i guess but they needa chill a bit.
  18. Guest5374
  19. Guest5086
    It's funny that those four labels are associated with black people. Has no other race displayed these characteristics? Honestly what kind of a question is this? When you posted it online did you not consider that other races have the exhibited the same characteristics? It is very tiring to have to defend one's race and sadly enough black people are the brunt of all these negative stereotypes. Depending on the situation any person regardless of race would be arrogant, nasty, rude, and loud.

    The population of the U.S. consists of 68% Whites, 15% Hispanics, 12% Blacks, and 4% Asian. Doesn't it seem remotely unfair to you that 87% of the population always has something negative to say about black people? Furthermore are you speaking about/for every black person on this planet?

    Stereotypes may be based on some truth for a small minority of people but they do not speak for an entire race. Examples:

    Whites: (men) serial killers
    Asians: (men) small penises
    Hispanics: illegal immigrants; have way too many people living in their house
    Native Americans: wild, uncivilized, drunkards

    I personally do not buy into these stereotypes? Do you? If you do then maybe you should do some searching into the type of person you are and maybe do some research into the race of your biases.

    - a black college educated woman (who usually does not see her race unless someone points it out)
  20. Guest9054
    im not saying all african americans are like this but a good portion or too ghetto and just a waste of d**n time too fix and all in the ghetto want the government to take care of them so they can sit around and listen to screwed up rap music with their pants hanging down.. There are a lot of smart people in ever race but the problem with the african american race is the use race as a weapon to say your a racist and frankly it gets f****n old already.. I'm part scottish and irish and german ,you dont see a bunch of my friends all in the streets saying we got to stick together this s**t is unfair.. black people have been saying this c**p for years and jimmy carter got the ball rolling in the 70's with this equality c**p!!! its bogus and so are they.. not all just the ones starting it like reverand al sharpton and the barrack obamas of the world.. by the way speeking of the president, if this health care government run bs plan gets pushed through congress this month we are all screwed as we will be in some fucked up government run line saying now serving numba 120 you mofos... freakin jigabboos UUUUUUUUHHHHHHH
  21. Guest6954
    Most every African American I have been around has a terrible odor, they probably have weird chemicals inside of them, prossibly because they are closest related to Monkeys.  They are noisy in general and have loud mouths and usually talk too much, weird voice boxes I suppose.

    So yeah, they are different.
  22. Guest1748
    Im hispanic and I tel you BLACKS are very rude, savages, loud, like to steal, and lazy.  I know since I live in NYC and grew around them  I NEVER hanged out with these low lives.  The hispanics that date them or associate with them are ALSO low life scum bags.

    TAke them back to AFRICA!
  23. Guest691
    i know an overwhelming amount of african-american people who are the nicest people i have ever met in this world....though there are some people who do act weird at time, their faults should not be carried and blanketed over the faces of all their brothers and sisters. The day that we cast aside the walls of stereotyping, racism and hate will be the day that Heaven shall envelope earth...

    P.S. they are also some of the most skilled musicians....

    *Hispanic UCLA student...
  24. Guest6148
    try to deal with blacks in highschool even worse...teachers let them do whatever they want so they feel "down" is black people greatest anything  and look at it HAHAHA

  25. Guest6051
    first of all i dnt like dat i'm black b*****s and idgaf u gotta problem wit blacks say it to our face okay i'm tired of them white ppl sayin all dat racist suff about us and i know them hispanics shouldnt even be talkin like you guys come from a far U DNT f*****g KNOW BLACK PEOPLE SO STOP TALKIN SHID AND BEINA PUNK a*s p***y CUZ IT JUST DONT WORK LIKE THAT black ppl rule so go suk yo daddy's>3 d**k bxch u guys dnt even know wat black folk been through oh yeah dnt foget i'm rick james b***h !
  26. Guest6863
    I'm black & my race has a lot of serious growing up to do. People need to stop babying them & giving them what they want & start standing up to them. Blacks like us always being picked at for nothing all because of blacks like that. They're so desperate for attention and they're scared little babies who run around with guns & in gangs killing & creating all sorts of chaos. They talk some stuff, but when they get caught & are put in their place, they're mouths are shut & they pull the victim & race card like the scared little cowards they really are. & they will whine & cry so much over stupid, unimportant things especially when they don't get what they want when they want & always make everybody else out to be the bad guys. It's old & boring. GET A NEW TUNE ALREADY. & they always bully people & are boring. When they let's say for example pour a glass of water on you & saying they're only playing, you think it's all fun & games. But the moment you do it to them, they're ready to kill you & do it. So they're were never playing with you to begin with. They were serious the whole time. When it's time to be serious, they take everything as a joke. But when it's time to have fun, they're all serious. They don't wanna have any fun with anyone unless it's all their way, when they are the only ones having fun only. No one else matters  but they're selfish, conceited behinds.
  27. Guest1268
    1st off, you guys act like we're so ignorant loud and everything. Thats because we're raised differently then you spoiled rich kids. In my opinion, white people are more arrogant,and nasty. I admit we are roud and loudxDDD!! But thats cuz we get no d**n respect!!! But looks whos president now :) finally some respect!!!!
  28. Guest3927
    Making statements like that are just rude and uncouth. After all we do have a president who is black. Is he arrogant, nasty, rude or loud? The person who mwde that original statement is a fool. Despite what any of you in this room may say; I have have lived long, known many people, had many frends and have come to realize that there a god people in every race and every religion. You just have to find the right people and form the right bonds............I will most likely not return this site.Any objections: email me at
  29. Guest6893
    first off you should have been more specific with your question coz it is really a racist question when u look at it, it should have  gone something like this why is there an overwhelming number of black people that are so arrogant nasty rude and loud.
    and second i'm black and i do notice a lot of other blacks acting obnoxious but most of them are UNEDUCATED ones, most of them are from the projects who don't know any better. Ofcourse it has a lot to do with their environment. I guess people in the projects are so stressed out everyday if not often, having to live the way they do. I guess that's why they are obnoxiously demanding, opinionated and adamant of getting their opinions heard because life for them is tough and you have to toughen it up to survive. But the problem starts when they carry this mentality with them out of the projects and because of their past history of rascism and the fact that they are UNEDUCATED they think that their situation in life has to do with the world being against them.  I'm not saying that they have an excuse for acting like a******s and b*****s but What i'm trying to point out is it is inevitable for it to be prevalent. There's a significant number of projects all over the country and plus rap music and hollywood glamourize rude behavior. Again i'm not defending their rude behaviors but i'm jus answering your question which is what is the root of obnoxious, loud...behaviors found in a lot of african americans.
  30. Guest6666
    I think white people hate the black people not because of their skin but because of how they act. A large percent of black act like stupid, arrogant, rude,loud and disrespectful people. a lot of black are criminal, a lot of black complain about racism but keep acting like idiots, they don't like when other races call them niggers but they keep calling themselves niggers. Fortunately some black people act civilized and I'm black, ashamed of the lack of civilization of my own race and sorry for those who have to support the rude black people.

    *Sorry of there is any grammatical fault I'm not a native English speaker.
  31. Guest792
    There the closest relative to monkeys around really niggers are like monkeys dressed up in human clothes i say we put the niggs in zoos until they finish evolution there are some civilized black people i love them to death but the nigs that dont know how to wear there pants right should be put in a zoo
  32. Guest1599
    Because most of them are selfish little babies who are so desperate for attention & when they feel threatened & don't get the attention they want or don't get their way at all, they use that as a tactic to hide the fact that they're scared little children scared & afraid of not being spoiled by everyone. If they get that way with you, stand up & get that way with them. No one deserves to be disrespected & spat at like that. Everyone deserves just as much respect as they do.
  33. Guest9263
    There are some people who are very kind, there are quite a few that I really love. Some of them though just act out to get the attention that they normally never get.

    First off, before reading this, I am not racist against black people. I'm an American Indian an honors student, and part of the top of my class.

    Have you considered that (once again, this will sound bad) but most black people when they have kids, they either aren't married, or are married and then one of the parents leaves or finds another partner or cheats, leaving the kid alone. Then the parent that stays with the kid will find someone else and the same thing might happen and it might continue in a cycle.

    The reason why most Black people act the way they do is because this^ is all that they've known. They feel (In my opinion) that they have to act out to get the attention that they don't normally get.

    There are some Black families that stay together (the two biological parents and their kids) and those kids (once again in my opinion) are the ones that turn out to be decent.

    I don't mean for this to sound racist and I am neither defending nor beinr racist towards the black society. I think that the way they act is the way they choose now.
  34. Guest3755
    I know what you mean. I don't understand why blacks whine n complain so much. They get nasty,rude,and loud every time they feel threatened or dn't get their way. i know becuse i'm black. They're arrogant because ppl spoil them like little babies and they get away with certain things. before they start whining about not being respected, they need to learn some respect 1st, especially for their own people for they are, which they have absolutely no respect for. Every ethnic group hates blacks, even and especially blacks. my advice to them GROW UP. THEY'RE ALONE. NO ONE IS GOING TO BE ON THEIR SIDE, NOT EVEN THEIR OWN PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY DON'T RESPECT THEM.
  35. Guest823
    They're also like little babies who cry wolf when they don't get what they want.
  36. Guest8128
    not all of em are like that, ive met a few really cool niggers. who didnt act all f****n, thug n what not. in fact, i dont even see why the term n****r even offends em so much when we say it. im good friends with a nig, an he calls me cracker, an i call him lil what, its funny, godamn...get over all that ancient slave bullshit, you fuckers are free to do an say what u please happy dudes. and please....please learn how to speak proper grammar, you know what im talkin about...all that "EBONICS", thug talk c**p makes you people look so retarded, an uneducated.
  37. Guest4026
    because there a bunch of pussies
  38. Guest336
    because there so happy to be out of prison, there so use to raping guys that they need to be loud an ignorant to let all the n****r hoes know theres a black bone ready to shoot aids all up in em.
  39. Guest563
    i black and i hate to admit it, but a lot of the responses here are rue of my ppl. they'r like that because they're so selfish and conceited. They think the whole darn universe revolves around them and they are gods above everyone. Let me just start off by saying they're not. No one is. They need to start growing up and get themselves. No one is above anyone here.
  40. Guest6966
    They constantly thrive off of attention and just can't get enough of it. It's like being high on drugs and death.
  41. Guest2742
    Because they're constantly whining and crying every time things don't go their way and they can never accept the fact that things are not always about what you want when you want. They have this whole "I'm always right even when I'm wrong" attitude to them and act like babies that need a firm beating to grow them out of that.
  42. Guest748
    wow people in 2010 we still have blatant racism.

    You say black people are rude and arrogant, yet around the world most black civilized people think white people smell, have bad breath and do not shower.

    You say black people are rude and arrogant, yet white people (including priests) molest their own children, have s*x with other people's children,eat people,and so on.

    You say black people are rude and arrogant,well isn't it about time they were?? considering the fact that they spent most of their history shackled in chains by a******s like yourselves.

    Grow up, get a life, get some culture...Racism is sooooo out of style
  43. Guest8685
    all the f*****g niggers need to go to africa and stay there and all the white ppl who act like nioggers and just love them so much should go with them!!!!!!!!!!!!! f**k racist and idgaf who has a problem with it!!!!!!!!
  44. Guest2404
  45. Guest8638
    wow, what a rude a*s vulgar statement. I'm white, i dress white, i listen to mostly white influenced music, "classic rock, rock, ect" and  i live in a black neighborhood. I went to a black school. And yes, i can confirm that there's a possibility of truth towards this statement but i have also lived around whites and truth is there's a few who are the same way. Ever gone to a bar and had to deal with a drunk a*s white guy? For sum reason whites on any form of alcohol think of themselves as philosophers with a PhD in life. The best part is when there done pissing everyone off with there rude and offensive statements they end there conversations with "that's how I live my life". Firetrucks! Why the f**k do white people follow firetrucks!? Anytime there's a firetruck or ambulance outside white people gotta conjure out around and investigate the situation like there a f****n crime unit. STAY THE f**k OUT OF THE RESCUE UNITS WAY YOU DUMB ASSES! What about costumer service reps? Majority of the costumers they deal with are rude, nasty arrogant WHITE PEOPLE who are pissed off and screaming to a complete stranger on the phone over some bullshit that isn't even that persons fault. Its just a person working a job trying to make a living like you and me, yet your getting rude to them. Now you wanna talk about arrogant, nasty and rude? Please refer yourself to this stupid a*s question. I'm not saying it isn't true, I'm just saying that if something is worth bitching about its worth doing something about, but I bet you wouldn't walk up to a black person and ask them this question to there face. Go listen to some country music and eat a fried twinkie b***h.
  46. Guest4187
    My problem with black people is that they want to f*ck me and I sure as h**l am not attracted to them.  I find how they look to be total turn off.  I don't like afros or nappy hair, big flat noses, black greasy skin, and monkey-like features.  I don't hate them, I just think they're ugly and they can't handle rejection or someone's disinterest.  I don't want to 'look' at black people.  It depresses me.  And they are ugly and aggressive.  They get mad if you don't want to mix with their ugly selves.  It's a nightmare living near them, getting stared at by the ugly men and mean looks/attitudes from the ugly women.  If there were no laws, I can assure you that the black monkeys would be out raping all of the nonblack women.  That's just how it is.  They all 'know' they are ugly.  Why do you think they all marry white/hispanic people when they make money?  This is mean post but that's what it boils down to.  I find you ugly and you find me beautiful.  You are mad and angry and tortured because I don't want you.  Get over it and leave me alone.
  47. Guest5702
    They suffer from Delusions of Grandeur. As mentioned in an earlier comment, they have this whole "I'm always right even when I'm wrong" attitude to them. Not all of us, but a great many of us suffer from this mental disease and it's pathetic to the tenth power. Get over yourselves. You're not gods and you're not invincible. Matter of fact, you're by far the most weak group of monsters/people their is. They pick on people who will by no means ever do any harm to them or can't do harm to them, but when they meet their match and come across someone who will stand up to them, that's when they shut up. They have nothing to say then, so they run and hide little cowards behind their gangs & guns But underneath their arrogant,nasty,rude,and loud personalities are just a bunch of scared little babies in man's clothing crying so desperately for attention.
  48. Guest1903
    I hope you guys are not Christian because one of the 10 commandments is thou shall not hate. Racism is hate!!!!! Hate is evil!!!This does not apply to everyone who commented. Good luck in life!!!!
  49. Guest5626
    yea yea, f**k all niggers, and f**k all you p***y christian's too...Christianity is just a crutch for the weak. Your fagget god isnt comming...ever, because that dumb c**p doesnt exist you p***y farts! So if you cant take offensive s**t get offline you f****n c**t scrapes!
  50. Guest6721
    black are people are the children/babies of soceity who act with no regard or interests/benifits of the community as a whole,they steal they lie they cheat , theyre naturally animals and ive had enough of it...ive personally gone through training in krav maga/ military combatives training as well as gun training and have found it quite enjoyable to beat the s**t out of an average ghetto black man  whos with me! :)
  51. Guest4784
    oh and another thing im mexican american and was never racist ...but over the years of viewing their behavior, picking on the harmless, breaking into peoples houses , how can you not hate them? i mean sure theres a few good black ppl ..h**l my best-friend is black but hes totally white washed and agress with me on the issue of ghetto black ppl, theyre a disease thats getting old and need to die off SOON!
  52. Guest4172
    i hate those stupid loud f****n niggers. even their young kids are rude little s**t-heads. i don't own a gun because if i did i would kill every one of them.
  53. Guest4625
    I'm black & the thing I really can't stand about blacks is they have every excuse in the universe for their actions & their behavior. "Nobody's perfect." That's not even an excuse, let alone a reason as far with them. They know what they're doing, why they do it & what they wish to accomplish for their own evil, selfish, spoiled desires. "Your not always gonna get your way." Okay, guess what? Neither are you, in spite of your conniving, deceptive ways. They always wanna manipulate & make you seem like you're the villain trying to rape them or something. Now I see why ppl of any race, culture or whatever wants nothing to do with us. These little babies will whine about anything just to make ppl feel guilty & let them have their way no matter who it hurts. Get over yourselves & grow up.
  54. Guest6676
    I live in london and somehow these nasty monkey people have taken over hurting and stabbing everything in sight, its like they just wont evolve like the rest of the human race and because of our left wing government we are forced to pretend like its ok and if you dont think its ok your so called racist. now how can it be racist to hate the very thing that rapes, stabs, shoots and is just nasty to everyone in sight.
  55. Guest3865
    WOW the question itself is so rude, alot of people act that way and they r not black. Is the question for all or just black people, seems like its a rant off for a bunch of HATERS. ive seen one too many comments with the N word when is that EVER ok. ill tell ya, NEVER. All u posters r so arrogant nasty and rude
  56. Guest8633
    Why do white people say go back to africa. Most blacks are just as much from africa as the white person are from europe. America didn't start slavery   "The first Africans were brought to an English colony in 1619. A Dutch slave ship which had been truing to get to Spanish teritory got blown off course and put in at Jamestown" A big problem with whites and blacks is we don't know each other its almost as if the other race is aliens. We don't know each other and we never will.
  57. Guest22
    I don't consider myself racist. I think people of all colors in America can be "trashers". I am white and I have a daughter that goes to middle school. She loves all people, but hardy a week goes by without some gang of black kids calling her "ho" or something retarded. When she asks them pleases not call her that, she is always countered by them saying "why, because we're black?". That is the kind of bullshit that parents need to stop telling their kids so this country can f*****g move on. Black kids don't really have problems in cities here anymore. Its getting really f*****g old.
  58. Guest8619
    I support civil liberties for all races, genders and religions.
    However, blacks do push on people's nerves quite a lot.
    They lack any sort of consistency in rules and social norms.
    All races have their fair share of azzholes, it just happens in the black communities the majority (not everyone) are azzholes.
    Its its terrible that socity in this modern age can be categorized by race in such a negative way.

    Blacks, get your act together!
  59. Guest6983
    They think they whole universe revolves around them 24/7. They don't respect and accept anyone for who they are, especially their own people. They can never be trusted in a relationship with anyone on any level, even for a minute. They use you, they abuse you & act like wild gorillas & little babies when they don't or can't have their way. They're a hopeless, dead, lost cause & they're extremely ignorant & unethical to the core. I'm black & have seen this for myself. While not all of us are like that, a great many of us are. I don't understand how they can look at themselves in the mirror everyday knowing the hurt & harm they cause so many people. People should stand up for themselves, not to be racist, but for those who aren't racist shouldn't be afraid of being labeled as such because if they use the race card & you're not racist, it shows what weak, selfish cowards they are.
  60. Guest4798
    Finally, a group that tells it like it is.  The majority of blacks are loud, rude and obnoxious.  It's a sense of entitlement because their great grandpa was a slave, so they think we owe them something.  What we owe them is a one way ticket back to Africa...and why do we say that?  Because they insist on being called African Americans.  If you're African, go back there, otherwise knock it off and just be an American.  You people are no more African than I'm a European.  I'm sick and tired of supporting your illegitimate babies, your sorry unemployed asses, and putting up with the mess you've made of our country.  Racist?  Not at all...realist?  You betcha.  All blacks are not like that, but for the ones that aren't, show some pride and teach those monkeys some manners.
  61. Guest8992
    i think black people are usually height-ed. and they felt themselves little dominated that's y their attitude is rude and crude and they way they walk shows they have attitude.... its a myth too
  62. Guest9166
    Most black people are loud and obnoxious because they don't know how to behave in a civilized manner
  63. Guest5916
    why are white people arrogant, nasty, rude, and loud? Pretty bold question don't you think?
  64. Guest3521
    why are white people arrogant, nasty, rude, and loud? Pretty bold question don't you think?
  65. Guest4966
    Its sad to say all of these things, but its true.  We are not being racist when we bring up these points, its just what we have encountered.  Daily, blacks come into my shop and do at least one of the following: Ask for discounts, complain about prices, yell, park in handicap spots, cause problems in groups, just rude in general.  Just a side note but they always want a bag, even tho they don't have anything in which they would need the bag for.  My neighbor hood has a large black population and there are always fights in the streets, cops driving around and some gang activity.  I'M NOT RACIST! I kno some idiot is gonna read this and say I am, but I'm just pointing out what I encounter on the daily basis.  They need to change their behavior, but when anything is said about it, ur a" racist".  One final thing,last night I went to a midnight showing of a movie, it was packed! We needed one more spot so a friend could sit with us, we went over to the group of black girls who had an empty seat next to them and politely asked if they would mind moving down and fill the empty seat, the b***h said "no we can't".  f**k that b***h, if she keeps that attitude she will never escape her sorry life.
  66. Guest8761
    I'm black & a lot of what's said here is true. A large part of the reason why blacks are like this is because we let them treat us like this. I've experienced for much of my life, so I understand where most of you are coming from. WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT, NOT SAYING THIS EVERY SINGLE PERSON HERE IS SAYING THAT, but we shouldn't take this. None of us here has done any wrong to them. But if you're non-black who stands up to them & catches them in the wrong & calls them out on it, you're racist. & if you're black & doing that, you're a sellout or an Uncle Tom. Also, notice when these evil blacks get caught, they do 1 of the following, make you out to be the bad guy & make it seem like you've done things worse then they have, which is clearly untrue to say the least. If not that, they come up with these boring long-winded excuses/stories trying to justify themselves & make them look like innocent little angels, with no success I might. There's a saying that goes "What orators lack in depth, they make up for in length." & if that's not enough, once they realize they're caught, have to pay a penalty & are trapped in a corner, as I said you're either consider racist/Uncle Tom & most of them will retaliate in cowardly like ways. They start making threats at you or act like you've committed a sin of the universe & over-dramatize everything or they come around with gangs & blasting everyone & everything just to get some kind of attention from ppl. Blacks need to grow up & stop it now or they'll regret it later, I guarantee.
  67. Guest3436
    Not all of black people are arrogant,nasty,rude,and loud, but some are. There are quite a few lovely black people and quite a few rude white people. However the black people who are rude, etc. are like this because they are hurt and blame this hurt on whites. Most of the black people's suffering nowadays is entirely their own doing, it has nothing to do with discrimination. There is a breakdown of family which is the foundation of civilized society. The government has taken over the role of parenthood and spouse for many black families. It does not "take a village to raise a child", it takes a mother and father preferably married and living in th.e same house.
  68. Guest15
    First off, Not all black people are loud and ignorant. You need to know the real meaning of ignorant because it means dumb or not knowing. Please dont go there becuase thats just being racist and puttin us all in a big sterotype. Im black and im not loud and ignorant. People can act that way no matter what race they are. It just depends on how you were raised and who you are around. pshhh..get outta here with that.
  69. Guest9532
    It's because they are ni66ers. They cannot help it.
  70. Guest1379
    im black and thats not the answer..the thing is this is a new generation of not gonna lie..i get uncomfortable as h**l when i walk by a crowd of black teenagers..because they like to check.but everybody is different..some white people are like that,but that doesnt mean they are bad.u need to talk to one say u can get your facts straight
  71. Guest5338
    im still trying to find the answer, black people are always rude, ALWAYS, they have no respect for other people they do what they want if you say otherwise they get angry and rage. There are alot of legit black people but I call them african not black. The black ones are the stupid american black s****.s like i say who dont give a s**t about anything except THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING.
  72. Guest8319
    I try not to be racist but, some blacks make it so hard. Just spend a day in a major city and observe who mainly acting rude, there is a pattern, it's mostly black people. There is no "rude gene" but, it is clear black people as a whole are less inteligent than whites. I have been all over the world and blacks are at the bottom of the financial and social scale EVERWHERE. Was there slavery in japan? Or australia? Has the entire gotten together and decided "we're gonna keeps blacks down"? When the white man went to sub-saharan africa 500 years ago he found blacks living at a level not much higher than apes( I know whites have done the most evil in the world, that's not my point). There have been scientific studies that say blacks have the lowest iq( bell curve). Blacks even score lower on iq test, sat's but, the test are racially bias right? I don't blacks are really rude, loud or violent naturally, I think that the lower intelligence puts them at the bottom of society and rude, criminal behavior results. Most stereotypes are based in truth, I don't see blacks arguing about the stereotype about having big dicks or better athletic ability, you can't pick and choose what stereotypes are true. Blacks improve your behavior and start tipping when you go out to eat, remember the golden rule.
  73. Guest8879
    It all stems from people of all colors feeling they have been stepped on in one way shape or form. Humans in America right now need to stop f*****g crying about their lives. Its no ones fault but their own for how they are who they are. The world is struggling to survive and the arguments of most black people Ive encountered here on even the most liberal side of the country is absurd. They are just used to getting s**t for free! Like they personally earned the right to demand it! I blame the parents. Lazy fuckers that feed their kids absolute c**p that just pumps money into the same fast food corporations that monopolize the real food industry so these pieces of s**t can litter the remaining trash(which is the majority of American litter if one looks around)all over the cities. Wake up and stop acting like f*****g children that are starving for attention! Stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution.
  74. Guest197
    They need to be disciplined. People just give into them every time they use the race card & that shouldn't happen especially if & when you weren't being racist to begin with.
  75. Guest4919
    BLACKS ARE THE MOST HATED GROUP OF PEOPLE & THEY REALLY ARE. They're so conceited & full of themselves & they think people hate them because they're envious of them. I'm black & even if I weren't, I certainly wouldn't be envious of you because frankly there's nothing about you to be envious of. You have nothing worth being envious of. People of all races & ethnic groups hate black people including blacks people themselves. Nobody admits only because we all know how fickle, emotionally unstable & babyish they are & they have violent mood swings.
  76. Guest5117
    that is true i live in a black neighborhood anf they have no class they do not care if they see me with my baby i am a white hispanic and they dont like me because i am white they are very racist they are evil and full of hostility and violence it is not my fault my anestors enslave theirs i was no there when that happened i grew up with a clean mind not hating into i learned the reactions of people i am not a racist i just get MAD about these thigs my mother is brown skin coming from tainos indians of puerto rico we lived in the project they would mess with us for no reason at all
  77. Guest255

    I'm not racist - or at least i dont want to be.

    Except, i'm being slowly but surely pushed that way thanks to the way black ppl act and treat others.

    I pick up blacks in my cab all the time. And tbh, i've never ecountered any mentionable incident within the taxi journeys.

    However, for 3 years i did a house share with 4 others (5 in total). One of the housemates was a black fella. Only once in 3 years he contributed to the house - ONCE in 3 years! And by contribute - I mean wash up a few odd items that werent yours, run the hoover round quick, wipe a table down, clean the bathroom etc etc etc..... All the rest of us (4 white) did those things just mentioned. Without fail.

    Now, heres the f*****g killer...... That time that black guy contributed to the house (ONCE) - was when he invited 7 of his f*****g family to stay in our shared house without even asking any of us!!!! He told us the day before they came and he proceeded to hoover, wash up, wipe about and clean the bathroom!!!

    Then the jewell in the f*****g crown!!! Halfway through these jobs we all contributed to a daily/weekly basis - he turns around and f*****g says "f*****g h**l this is hard work, amanda, could you help me?"

    I was f*****g gobsmacked. She didnt help him and i'm glad. We then had 9 days of 7 members of his family staying of the sofa, floors, 4 to a room etc.

    Not only disrespectful, inconsiderate and arrogant - but d**n well lazy.

    So i move out not long after and into a 1 bed flat - not knowing there was a 3 bed flat above me with 3 blacks in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great! A year is up, my tennancy is expired and i cannot wait to get the f**k outta there. I'm writng this tonight due to having to drop my 8 year old daughter back to her mums a day early due to yet another loud session/party from the black above. The f*****g noise is unreal. Bass music at 5am when they come in. Bass music at 8am after ive done a 13 hour night shift, stamping, unusually loud laughter (while stamping). Yelling at each other in the hallways, out of windows - its f*****g atrocious behavior. None of the other white residents are like this - just the blacks.

    So i called my landlord (dropping my daughter home 1 day early as she was scared of the noise was the last straw.) - i gave my notice, called a friend who is in a 1 bed flat paying same as me, and we're gonna pool our money and get a nice, peaceful detached house to rent. Job done.

    f**k them. I just hope when im away from them, my racist, hateful feelings will reside to nothing.

  78. Guest888

     They need to go. I live in London. Everywhere I look there is a shadow cast down from these Gorilla's. I have Black in me, but I look white, Unless I'm a darker mixed race colour of skin I cannot hang around with a group of Blacks. They say No whites allowed. This slavery thing is rubbish look it's been hundreds of years. Know one cares any more it's just a stupid excuse. One day I would like to start up my Right-Wing political party and Wipe them from our land, lets see how they cope on Antarctica! They have been warned so many times something bad Is going to happen to them and If I have to be the Man to do it I WILL be, All you Blacks listening; prepare yourself's because if I ever gain power I will torture you. All I and many other people wanted was to just be able to communicate with each other have a friendship. When I was younger it was all fine. As you grow up they begin to get more immature! It's true how they Breed with only White women. I only see dirty S****y women on the Bus with a mixed race baby and a Black father. For every 10 mixed race or black babies I see, I only see 2 White. I guarantee within 30 years the White population will be under 30% in England! I have this friend who is mixed and another one who is Black and they refuse to let me in to there jokes as they say only black people can listen to these and they would laugh. They would go on about being Jamacain and how great it is. I say its a run-down h**l's playground. I'm not usually racist as I have Black family as well but these two friends of mine were taking the p**s out of everything about me saying how they can say n****r and me being more White can't. They would laugh and take the p**s and whine me up for everything. They don't stop going on about how everyone is a p***y and if you don't do this you are a p***y. It was only 2 years ago when I stopped using slang