Why did Kate Campbell from Holmes on Homes/Holmes Inspection leave?

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Why did Kate Campbell from Holmes on Homes/Holmes Inspection leave?

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  1. Kuljit Grewal

     I read a great article lately that features an interview with Kate. It seems that carpentry and woodwork were a natural calling for her and she has since transferred to shows like Decked Out and Disaster Decks. Whatever show she is on is worth watching if you are a fan of her work and generally watching her good looking self do her thing.

  2. Guest3860

    I guess nobody knows but everyone's wondering, judging by the view number.

  3. Guest7390

    Did she leave to go work somewhere else?  Because of tension in the ranks?  Personal reasons ie family, pregnancy?  Does anyone know or heard?

  4. Guest6701

    No clue.  They don't seem to be addressing it on the fan forum either.  People have been asking and they haven't responded.  That would be the Mike Holmes fan forum, for people who are unaware. 

  5. Guest7504

    Seems she left on good terms... so that's really all I was concerned with.  I'll miss seeing her, I liked her better than Pinky and Sherry both.  You actually saw her work and do the same stuff as the guys.  And she had a personality which I'm sorry but Sherry just doesn't seem to.  And well Pinky, the less said the better.

  6. Guest1246

    I agree somewhat.  I liked Pinky, she seemed bubbly.  I liked Kate too.  I agree that Kate seemed to work the hardest of all the women.  And Sherry, well, I agree there with you too.  Not much personality and who knows what she does to contribute.  Well, I did see her dusting one time...

  7. Guest9643

    I  sort of liked Pinky too.  Until NOLA.  Then she was just irritating.  Sorry.

  8. Guest4629

    I didn't see all of the NOLA episodes.  I think they all only aired one time in the US.  I heard that Pinky left half way through.  Was it just too much for her?  At least she could have hung around and watched Damon sweat with his shirt off.  Duh.  Reason enough for me to work under those conditions.

  9. Guest9168

    She left aout two weeks.  They only showed her complaining about how she missed her friends and family and while I sympathize with that, I find it a little obnoxious to complain when you're told before you leave the conditions you'll be working in, how long you'll be gone etc. etc.  If she couldn't hack it, she shouldn't have gone.

  10. Guest3953

    Kate left New Orleans for personal family reasons. Pinky left, for good, because she missed her friends and family at home. Later in the New Orleans show Mike also addresses the family issue involving Kate. Her father had a heart attack while the crew was down in NO. It showed a scene where Kate is apparently distressed, maybe even just finding out the news about her father? and Mike telling her she can go home to be with him. It showed her later in those shows so she must have returned? I've read in blogs that her father was okay after the heart attack so she must have come back to the show. As far as Holmes Inspections, I have no idea.

  11. Guest7096

    No problem with the Holmes crew.  Just time to do something different.  New show starting in spring called Decked Out.

  12. Guest3596

    can't wait for HGTV's new hit DECKED OUT!!!! I know she'll look amazing

  13. Guest8913

    Okay I'll bite:  what in the world are you talking about?  And what does it have to do with this thread?

  14. Guest3583

    Okay I'll bite:  What in the world are you talking about?  And what exactly does it have to do with this thread?

  15. Guest641

    Okay, I'll bite:  What in the world are you talking about?  And what does it have to do with this thread?

  16. Guest7715

    Sorry didn't realize it posted that many times.

  17. Guest3391

     Kate is still working in the construction and television industry.  Just not with Holmes on Homes/Holmes Inspection. She left on good terms from what I know/have heard. 

    "Decked Out" is a new show coming out on HGTV in April. She's working as a member of the Decked Out crew.  As one of her friends, I wish her the best! Can't wait to see the new show.

  18. Guest1122

    You're friends with Kate?  Cool, get me Damon's number!

  19. Guest3570

    Someone posted that Mike jr got her pregnant.. :-(    So much for my deams.

  20. Guest8498

    don't gross me out. 

  21. Guest5048

    You are friends with Kate?  Cool, get Damon's number for me!

  22. Guest1550

    You're friends with Kate?  Cool, get me Damon's number!

  23. Guest6484

    I wouldn't count on that happening.

  24. Guest7941

    No kidding.  It was a joke.  Duh.

  25. Guest5220

    You'd be surprised how many people would have been serious about it.  Very surprised.

  26. Guest9043

     I have his number, i'm taking offers, anyone? ;)

  27. Guest5793

    me, me, me!

  28. Guest394

     Meh, I think I will keep it to myself, if too many girls have his # then he won't be available for my booty calls anymore;).

  29. Guest6364

    She's on a new show called Decked Out on Canada's HGTV... it premiered last week.

    It's also being aired on DIY network and HGTV US sometime this summer!!

    Check it out

  30. Guest2128

    So far not impressed at all.  She should have kept to Holmes Inspection.  Would have been better for them and her.

  31. Guest3537

     I completely disagree, its a new show, its fresh, its interesting,  give it time to work out the kinks. The other show is old and tired and so is the cast. Even though they changed the theme song and added cgi to HI its still the same old "c**p"(to quote the ever eloquent host). She was probably suffocating on the nepotism over there. This is a great opportunity for her to display her skills, she seems like a hard worker and looks great on camera. Way to go Kate, congrats on escaping the other circus!

  32. Guest6934

    Can anyone answer a question fron the New Orleans episodes?  Was MJ actually sent home because he couldn't hack it?  I heard Pinky left during that time but I was wondering why they were all mad that she left but it is OK for MJ to leave and it wasn't a big deal. 

  33. Guest4176

    MJ actually didn't leave.  They just sent him back to the hotel for only a couple of days to relax.  He was apparently burnt out.  According to rumour both younger kids had to take a small time out because they were having trouble with the intensity just over midway through.

    I think the biggest reason they were 'angry' with Pinky was because she was being somewhat less than fun to be around.  If what we were shown in the few interviews of her are an indication, she was a real pain in the butt the two weeks she was there.

  34. Guest2099

    OK, thanks for clearing that up.  I am still wondering though if Mike's kids took less slack just because of who their dad is. 

  35. Guest7469

     I think its probably a given that Mike's kids can do whatever they want because of who their dad is. It probably makes the working environment really pleasant. Gotta love nepotism;)!

  36. Guest7636

    Poor Damon.  I guess he gets paid really well or else why put up with that c**p all day long? 

  37. Guest172

     No kidding! he probably has zero respect for those kids. It must be challenging to keep his real crew motivated while 2 of mike's kids stand around taking up space, smiling for the cameras and collecting paycheques every two weeks while everyone else works their asses off.

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