Why did my session time out while I was making Qantas booking online?

by Guest766  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I was trying to book a ticket of Qantas Airline online but cannot understand why my session time out for online booking of Qantas Airline flight did. Does someone know about it?

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  1. Guest8773
    As the availability of Qantas flights is constantly changing, the booking process will time out if there has been a delay in selecting Qantas flights. The availability of seats can change during this time and the information on screen may not be the most up to date.  

    On some occasions, another person can be booking the same flights at the same time and if seats are limited, they may book the last seat before you. Seats are not confirmed from inventory until passenger details have been provided.

    In order to allow sufficient time for customers to complete their booking, the payment page will remain open for 26 minutes before timing out. On all other pages, the time out is set at 10 minutes.

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