Why do I get “No data” on all the sites I visit after installing Alexa toolbar?

by Guest6163  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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It was all going fine when I last installed Alexa toolbar, but I installed Alexa toolbar again after 2 months I think and now it’s happening. Any site I open. It says, “No Data”. What’s this!

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  1. Guest3548
    Your IP address may be blocked. Alexa blocks IP addresses that seem to generate an excessive/abusive amount of requests to their servers–much more than can usually occur from legitimate use of the Toolbar or from visiting our site. It could be the result of some activities like if you’ve been using some bots or so. This blocking is automated, and sometimes innocent IP addresses are blocked. Alexa can review and manually unblock affected addresses. So contact them.

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