Why do I need a business plan?

by Guest2516  |  11 years ago

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Anyone have idea that why do I need a business plan for my company? Someone please tell me about this.

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  1. Guest7527
    A business plan is often the entry-level requirement to getting government money, investor capital or bank loans. Although, you may have a complete picture of the business in your head, investors and bankers need to see if you really have an understanding of the business and have thought it through.
    Preparing a plan is a long and daunting task but in the end the business owner often sees things from a new perspective and has mitigated any risks. The business plan is not just for banks and investors but also supplies you with a blueprint of succeeding in business. The plan provides you with the direction of your company and is a guidepost for your employees too.
    The primary job of a business owner is to manage and run a business. The term manage implies the task of planning and execution. The process of business planning helps reduce risks. Entrepreneurship is often the ability to build a business by taking calculated risks. If you are putting your life savings on the line, endangering your family's stability and borrowing other people's money, it is your responsibility as a business owner to not take risks but only calculated risk. The business planning process does not guarantee success but surely decreases the odds of failure.

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