Why do black people talk so stupid?

by Guest7881  |  10 years, 5 month(s) ago

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Yo Daw,g...lemme axks you somefin...aawe hecks nah...why the f**k do niggers have to talk such stupidity?! Im tired of it. Read a godamn dictionary an learn how to pronounce english you d**n fools.

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  1. Sleeping Lion

    Honestly I pray to meet you.... Ill show you our scorn.

  2. Sleeping Lion

    You racist freak. If I could ever meet you.... And for all of you racisit f***s, stop hiding behind your damned computer screens and say it to our faces. All things are from africa,  including your precious bible. All men are from africa, so grovel in self-hate. Why are some afican/african americans unedjucated? We are denied jobs and told that we are inferior, and hate is born leading to rash actions. You dont know our scorn. We are great, though we are supressed. By white supremacist fat f***s who are rich, full and and insecure. So f**k all skinheads, kkk b******s, idiots(That means you, freak), and all who fit the discription.

  3. Sleeping Lion

    You racist freak. If I could ever meet you....

  4. Guest9243
    I do not think that they talk stupid as everybody have there own way of talking and speaking.
  5. Guest6408

  6. Guest2517
    They are incapable of speaking intelligently.
  7. Guest989
  8. Guest6671
    It is so sad to see some ignorant people? Please get a life.
  9. Guest6789
    hey guys you are so racist! what's wrong with you? eeh? do you think you are best than the black people? and you know why the black people hate you guys becuase you are so racist i can't believe it if i were black i would kill you guys this is really dumb they talk like that because they want leave them alone is like gringos jajajaja me dan tanta risa siendo racistas y creyendose superiores que otros creen que son mejores que otros paises cuando ustedes mismos saben que su pais esta en quiebra jajajajaja deberian aprender a respetar por este racismo tanta gente muere! hahahaha and know you will translate this with google? hahahahaha
  10. Guest4384

    of first of all ya motha f****n crackers sayin s**t aint got no f****n room to talk just cuz we creative with words and s**t and ya mother f****n aint good at doin s**t but sittin on yall a*s dnt mean s**t y da f**k crackers so f****n stupid do the most stupedest s**t ever and because b***h WE ARE THE MUTHA f****n s**t!and yall crackers the reason we like it b***h so shut the f**k up

  11. Guest61

    You people are rude Im black and the thing is You say black people are racist but whos the one saying that they speak diffrent launguges. If i put it straight you people are white a*s's and you dont give a F*** about people feelings all you like doing is disrespecting people but the thing is when someone comes to you with attitude you start hyping Like some ape you are Pricks, a*s wipes and Shitheads kiss my black a*s!

  12. Guest759

    h**l yea by god DRINK BEER KILL NIGGERS!!

  13. Guest2415

    What i want to know is who the f**k are you to determine what's the "proper" way for somebody to speak?, you need to teach your trailer trash, redneck, inbred family proper American broken english since you seem to be so preoccupied with linguistics, you redneck f**k.

  14. Guest8032

    It is a scientific fact that black people are less intelligent than other races.  Approximately 1 out of 4, if tested, would be considered mentally retarded.  They are mostly incapable of speaking "proper" English and when they do, are ridiculed by other members of their tribe for trying to act better or "whiter" than the rest. Lack of intelligence pushes most blacks to act on instinct, or on primal urges, of which self preservation is the most dominant.  In order to survive in their culture, as in most, they must conform.  Unfortunately, this conformity includes perpetuating the cycles of  willfull unemployment, welfare, substance abuse, crime and child abandonment.  What is the answer? I'm not sure, but it wouldn't hurt for black leaders to actually set a positive example instead of turning facts into "racism" and blaming whites for all of their problems. In the end, I do pray for them as they are God's creatures, misguided or not.

  15. Guest2009

    Blacks talk like that cause they think its cool. Intelligence is not important in the black community. What is important to blacks is how many touchdowns you can score, how many 360 degree slam dunks you can do, how many white girls you f**k, How many people you have shot or how much your weave costs.

  16. Guest9816

    niggers eat s***s for breakfast!!

  17. Guest2695

    NIGGERS f**k their mothers and sisters, fathers and brothers!!! THEY ARE INCEST LOVING folks.

  18. Guest1271


  19. Guest3938

    Because niggers stank!!!! Thats why! Dont get so pissed off at whoever asked this question. Because you dang niggers can say whatever u want to as well. So quit being so bitchy and f**k off. Go off an ask some stupid white people questions, we dont give a s**t. This is a good question actually. I hope it gets good responses. Cause i wonder why niggers talk to stupid myself.

  20. Guest1440

    Here's what Shineay said above:

    "You people are rude Im black and the thing is You say black people are racist but whos the one saying that they speak diffrent launguges. If i put it straight you people are white a*s's and you dont give a F*** about people feelings all you like doing is disrespecting people but the thing is when someone comes to you with attitude you start hyping Like some ape you are Pricks, a*s wipes and Shitheads kiss my black a*s!"

    See? This is a prime example of the sheer stupidity of blacks, and Shineay is actually one of the smarter ones. First of all, there's not doubt that her name is Shannon, but her black mother was so stupid that it came out as "Shineay" on the birth certificate that does not have a father's name (big surprise). Secondly, blacks never put forth a coherent, logical argument. They just start cussing and going off because a frustrated ape will always go apeshit. Finally, their grasp of the English language is so bad that they resort to ghetto language. It's really no different from how apes communicate. Though apes beat their chest, blacks seek only to beat the system by lying, stealing, and cheating their way through life. Blacks are inherently untrustworthy....I think we all know that. But even worse is the fact they distrust one another more than they distrust white people. Why is this?

    There are two plausible theories, the first of which starts to gather steam upon closer scrutiny. A) Animal instinct requires the animal to think about self-interest (survival). This trait is most common among rats, snakes, and apes. Thusly, the animal immediately protects its own interests and is willing to hurt anything that gets in its way, including family members; B) Their life experience tells them that almost every moment of pain has been administered by another black person. This includes, but is not limited to, being the victim of beatings, theft, or the ugly wake of some drug dealer.

    Either way, the chances of making improvements with these people seem slim. Many are not trainable, still others don't want to be trained. Additionally, attempting to work with subjects with such abysmal I.Q.'s puts an unreasonable and costly strain on the community.

    It all starts at birth, and these people are almost hopeless from that moment forward.

  21. Guest948

    They were never meant to talk......, just grunt and scream.

  22. Guest744

    Listen to a redneck they are just as stupid. Every race has its own stupid group. Not all black people talk stupid and not all white people talk smart.

  23. Guest2029

    Listen to a redneck they are just as stupid. Every race has its own stupid group. Not all black people talk stupid and not all white people talk smart.

  24. Guest1111

    Have you ever heard the expression (dumber than a day old n****r) been around for centuries

  25. Guest6834

    I'm going to have to say it's culture. My room mate was intelligent, my friends are intelligent, and my wife's uncle is very intelligent. All of them have insured their financially secure and are there for their children...but you know what, they all value education, mutual respect (not fear), and doing what's right while avoiding wronging others' (respect for others' and not just themselves). They're people I can kick it with, listen to a wider range of music with (not just hip hop), and have real conversations with. I highly doubt that I could chill with the f*****g ape that threatened to hit my pregnant wife, who is a tiny little asian, in the back of the head last night at a local Denny's (nope we didn't know them or say a word to them), or the f*****g little apes that hit me in the head with a 40 oz bottle and them stomped and beat me while I was unconscious, in front of my wife last October (again, nope we didn't know them or say a word to them), or any of the other apes I see apeing out here in San Diego day to day for which I have no experience seeing any, I repeat, any other peoples doing. I don’t see a race doing all these things, I see apes that look like people doing them that all happen to be of a certain race. Those apes make a whole race look bad.

  26. Guest2299

     The response from Guest21677204 unfortunately supports the initial question.

  27. Guest3935

    just watch one episode of Maury and you can see how stupid they talk, my friend came here from another country and said the only people he coudnt understand are black people. how come blacks can have their BET. if we had a White Entertainment Tel. channel that would be racist..WTF America???? and what about negro united college fund....I want a white united college about a white history month???

  28. Guest2593

    They talk like idiots because Blacks have an inferiority complex.  It's caused by  their anability to fully integrate into any civilised society. Thats why their  youth also dress stupidly. These simpleton methods are the  only way they have of  standing out in society. How many successful businesss are run by Asians?  Thousands!!  Including your corner shop!!  How many businesss are run by Blacks?  I live next door to a Black family. They happen to be  nice people but why along with all the others do they :-

    Slam doors?  Take and recieve mobile calls in the street or back garden whilst walking up and down? Shout into their mobiles  no matter what time of the day or night?  Play their  rap, heavy base so called music at top volume in their cars and houses. Once again no regard for the time of day or night ? Soooo unaware  of other people!!!! No consideration!

    They are a race apart and quite honestly are a bloody nuisance no matter what part of the world they live in apart from the Caribbean.  Particularly Jamaica!


  29. Guest9075

    taken as a percent of their population, black people are less intelligent and do commit more crimes.  that's a fact, not racism. don't call people racist for stating fact.  observe the fact and if it bothers you set a positive example for other black people.

  30. Guest6492

    Niggers dont even understand the concept of a n****r and a black person. Niggers arent respectful at all, they just dont care about anything but themselves. Also all niggers are inherently racist, so racist one n****r in particular had the balls to come in to my place of work (grocery store) on a busy weekend and acuse me of following him around thinking that I thought he was going to steal something, which he probably was, while I was up front after grabbing an item for a customer he walked up to me and said, we gon have clyde fix you right up boy, ye be fixin you right up, I was confused so I just said ok sir can I help you, all he could do was look at me, so I returned to my my job at hand which was taking an item back to its shef. Seconds later, only to find out that he was following me he met me around the corner and asked me what my name was, I showed him my name tag because I knew exactly where this was headed, just another racist n****r that has nothing better to do, but call other honest working folks racist. I informed my managers that a n****r was accusing me of following him around, they said to just forget it. Minutes later he called the store and talked to a manager, he approached me and said chris, were you following a customer around the store, I told him no and explained what had really happened, he decided that it was all bullshit to. The d**n n****r told him that I was "profiling" and that he was going to write a letter to BBB. So what the f**k ever, niggers will always be hatin niggers. Worst part of it all is that the n****r and I are customers at the same bank and before the altercation we would run into eachother at least 3 times a week there, and shoot the s**t. I thought he was real cool before the accusation, and h**l before that I used to work at a carwash where I shined his brothers 24' chrome rims to a s**y shine. When I first met him, he was a black folk, after the store, I saw him as a n****r. He also lives only 5 blocks from me, I should burn a cross in front yard


  31. Guest6208

    Blacks are measurably stupid. We know this because every single test administered in every single public school at every single grade level tells us the same thing over and over: blacks cannot perform at grade level. A 12th grade black student, on average, reads at a 7th grade level and is able to perform mathematical functions of only a 5th grader. When you compare a 12th grade black student to an all-white private school, the numbers get worse. Much worse. Every single white 4th grade student (except one) at my private school performed better than 12th graders at a nearby inner-city school in every single subject. The 3rd graders at my school performed better than 64% of the black 12th graders, and the 2nd graders scored better 43% of the time. Our best and brightest 1st graders scored better than the lowest 20% of the black 12th graders.

    To blacks everywhere: The data is in and numbers don't lie. We are in a crisis here, and the black race hustlers (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et. al.) make matters worse by simply decrying an achievement gap as the fault of an inherently racist system. Sorry, race hustlers....the simple fact of the matter is that blacks, in general, are incapable of learning at the same rate as whites and asians. They just are. They are born that way, and it's time to stop denying this perennial fact. What we need are special schools that FORCE blacks to start the school day at 7am and go til 7pm, 6 days/week, year round. If we do that, then many of the blacks will start to catch up to their white counterparts. They'll NEVER get equal to them, but they can at least start to close that achievement gap. By "force," I mean using physical force and armed guards to get them to school and to behave while they're there. Blacks should be flogged and tortured until they respect the learning environment.

  32. Guest7659


  33. Guest1700

    LOL!! bunch of pussies u all r hahaha!! welcome to the world deal with the s**t Your one 2

    You would never say that to a black person in the hood u n****r

  34. Guest9410

    This forum is ridiculously funny!

  35. Guest2418

     Its not that talk stupid they pretend to because they think that by doing this they can mislead people but unfortunately now people know about them. They pretend to be innocent but they are not actually that innocent and stupid don't agree with you or any.

  36. Guest2803

    Blacks are stupid for one reason. PIR(parental induced retardation) and its never going to change. Its a cycle that going to repeat until there is no other race left. They are like cancer growing at a staggering race until its to late. now look what has happend they've taken over america. the nation that used to be respected so highly but look at us now. being led into a sure damnation by the stupidest n****r out there.

  37. Guest3159

    The African American race is not a group of as you say dumb people. The reasons we score so low on test and do so poorly in math; white folk lie and cheat about any little thing.  You think you are in control.  You are only in control of your tests and your math. You are not in control of the way we talk. Jealous much.

  38. Guest4921

    It was called having an african acent! (im causian) f**k u judgemental b*****s!

  39. Guest1898

    The n****r being Nature`s APESHIT CREATION is incapable of coherent speech because the brain of this primordial f**k up is shrivelled and atrophied.The American Negro creature and it`s African cousin are the very lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder and both animal life forms are a testament to the cruel indifference of Nature.If I were in charge we would have total segregation and the n****r trash,niglets and all the associated groid a*****e would be sent back to Africa preferably in boats that would sink and drown their useless n****r asses.Segregation and total separation is the only solution...either that or mass extermination of these vile ape cockroaches that are the seed of Satan.

  40. Guest9913
  41. Guest9552

     I don't care what anyone else says Niggers are just flat out stupid. I was reading in my class materials this past week about single households. Since the 1970's the rate of single parent households has almost doubled in whites leaving them at a rate of 2/5 of whites grow up in a broken home. This number is actually low considering that 80% of niggers grow up in a single parent home. This number accurately reflects tha fact that even n****r parents do not want their own stupid n****r children. Or sould I say: Dem playas n pimps done even want day own n***a's. I done even know my BM Dog. Dem s***s lef me when I uz born fool. Yous a stupid n***a,  my momma had me to get dem food stamps n***a. 

  42. Guest3562

     Interesting to see whats going on in this discussion. Now what i think about the whole scenario that there is nothing like this in there. Basically the black people are quite straight and most of the time don't try to hide things or what ever the are on to. Where as the white ones think that they are sophisticated and well mannered. 

    Things are not like this black people or white people there isn't any difference. The Almighty created every one equal with equal rights. Now coming to the pronunciation well different people have different voices which differ from each other. Same way the speaking style and to spell out words is also not the same through out the world. 

    Even staying in white color you can find many different way of speaking. Such things are nature defined and black or white has got no sort of control over it. Be straight and love humanities.
  43. Guest8745

    you ni99er apes won't say anything to a white man unless there is 3 or more in your ape pack, weak a*s f****t ni99ers.

  44. Guest2493

    did you mean accent? and no that isn't an accent, it's just n****r ape speak.

  45. Guest1225

     wow u people are all fucked..i didnt see one sensible answer out of anyone..every race, including white people, has groups of people who the rest of the world see as stupid, or dumb, or ignorant, etc.  if not one of you can see that racism is wrong, then humanity is definitely heading in the wrong direction, and it will be people like all of you who are at fault..grow the f**k up..and from what i can tell, most of you dumbasses probably live in the southern states

  46. Guest2566

    black people are cool! im white, im mean friken starch white. an i gotta say you buncha turds. i screwed me one of the hottest black chicks ever. she got me sayin all kinds of cool stuff. my next mission...great big fat black hoe! yea! white power my a*s ya dum dums!

  47. Guest4860

    Niggers stink!!!!!!!!!

  48. Guest2457

    Niggers are stupid because of the blood in their veins, which is also contaminated with AIDS.

  49. Guest9977

    It has to do with their up bringing and black culture, mostly with music and having to act like tough all the time. Instead of trying to make things better they rely on what they know, like stealing and getting white women pregnit.

  50. Guest7593

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  51. Guest8733

    It has nothing to do with race. The blacks that sound stupid are from a misguided community probably similar to the community of the person who asked this question. I dont think most people would think being openly racist is a sign of brilliance. There are lots of educated black lawyers and doctors. The people who arent educated simply dont feel its important. Judge the individual not the entire race.




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