Why do men gain weight when their partner is expecting

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Why do men gain weight when their partner is expecting

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  1. Victor Strong

     Sorry guys, here is the link (worth reading) for the above -

  2. Victor Strong

    As a husband and father to a beautiful 7 month old, I can attest to the fact that it is very easy to gain weight while your wife goes through pregnancy. Women experience an incredible array of physical, emotional and hormonal changes over the course of 9 months, with many experiencing and acting on a number of food relating cravings. The fact that someone around you is continually suggesting everything from Pizza Hut and 5 Guys to ice cream and chocolate makes it hard not to join in. 

    Beyond that however, it seems that men also experience some interesting changes during their spouse's pregnancy. According to the well versed folks at 180 Degree Health, the average husband gains 14 pounds over the course of his wife's pregnancy. This is due to something known as Couvade Syndrome. This is when a husband begins to experience some of the symptoms his wife experiences while pregnant. This impacts males at a hormonal level, as tostosterone, cortisol and prolactin levels all fluctuate for expecting dads. In fact, the cumulative effects equate to metabolic syndrome, which puts the body in fat storage mode with fun side effects like cravings, insulin resistance and belly fat storage. The extra weight and internal changes are believed to be an evolutionary means of making us more paternal and nurturing.

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