Why do we study organizational behavior?

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I am a student and being a student I need to know about the organizational behavior. Can someone tell me that why we do study organizational behavior? Please help me about it?

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     Organizational Behavior is a field of research that analyses how persons, communities and framework affect and are impacted via behavior within organizations, for the purpose of implementing such experiences toward renewing an organization’s effectiveness. So, means that it is the examiner of the behavior of someone and districts of an organization. An organization has its have man vitality, currency power. It ought to utilise them properly for bringing the maximum Profit. Its enables us to divulge the kin ship between staff and employer.

    Organizational study Strives to find ways in which people can act more effectively. It is an applied science which helps to understand the behavior of people which provides a useful set of analysis tool to control human behavior at work. It is not designed to limit freedoms or take away rights. The Greek philosopher Plato composed about the essence of leadership. Aristotle, another highly regarded philosopher, addressed the theme of persuasive communication. The writings of sixteenth-century Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli prepared the base for up to designated day work on organizational power and politics.

    The major causes for revising organizational demeanour is that most of us work in associations, so we require realising, forecasting, and leveraging the behaviors of other ones in organizational backgrounds Trading scholars discover trading notions, and computer research scholars discover about circuitry and programs code. But all of us require organizational demeanour information to address the person’s matters when seeking to request trading, computer research, and other ideas.

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