Why does David Letterman wear white socks?

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I have a question regarding David Letterman, the American television host and comedian. Whenever you see him, you will find him wearing white socks. I would really appreciate if anyone knows and can tell me why David Letterman wears white socks?

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  1. Guest7662

    David Michael Letterman was born on April 12, 1947. He is known as an American television host and comedian and is famous for hosting late night television talk show known as  Late Show with David Letterman, which is broadcasted on CBS. Letterman was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and began his broadcasting career as an announcer and newscaster at the college's student-run radio station—WBST—a 10-watt campus station which now is part of Indiana public radio. Eversince he has been appearing on the TV screen, there have been several questions and concerns about him, particularly the way he dresses up. One very major concern is about his sock which is that why he always wears white socks. Somehow, he has never really given a straight answer as to why he always wears white socks, even when he is in dark suits. A popular concept is that he once received a large collection of these light colored socks; therefore, he has continued wearing them ever since. Nevertheless, there is another concept, which seems to be a little bit more reasonable, is that when he moved to CBS, his contract said that he had to wear a coat and tie or a suit while he was on the air. In order to rebel against these standards, Letterman started wearing white socks under his formal clothing since the contract did not state otherwise.

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