Why does my 7 year old daughter want to wear diapers again?

by chiarasenn  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Hey there,
So we went skiing over christmas in switzerland and due to a relatively small bladder and bed wetting issues in the past, we made our youngest daughter (7) wear pull-up pampers under her skiing outfit, just for the case that she wouldn't be able to make it to the rest room and undress (all the layers you wear for skiing) as there where not that many restrooms in the whole resort. It all worked perfectly and she had just one accident.

Now back home she asked me recently if she maybe could wear a pull-up for the night, cause there were some spare ones. i was really puzzled and asked her why, she said "they were pretty comfy..."
I didn't agree with her wearing one, but a day later when i was away she asked my husband the same thing and he gave her one just before going to bed. I wasnt too happy about that... Anyways.... When she got up the next morning, the first thing i realized was that the diaper was soaking wet. I asked her if she peed on purpose and she said well she really was bursting and couldn't make it to the bathroom... i kind of didn't really believe her story..

So yesterday she asked if she could have another one, she said she really liked wearing one. i said no but my husband finally suggested she could wear one till the spare ones from the holidays are gone (which is about 5-6 more)

i couldnt say i was really ok with that compromise but anyways...
i just somehow have the feeling my husband takes that whole thing a lot easier than i..

so she could wear those pull-ups over the weekend. well, as she pees in them (on purpose) we agreed that she could change her pull-up on her own during the day if she needed a new one, i just told her i didnt want any wet clothes. and we told her that we werent going to buy any new ones, once these 5 or 6 are gone, then this whole things over...
so far everything seems to go well, when her friend came over yesterday she didn't wanna wear one, that would've been too embarassing probably...

well i don't know what to say... i guess i'll just be glad once the whole thing's over... to see my 7 year old daughter, who after quite a long process of getting her completely potty trained at the age of 3.5, with a soaking wet diaper, is just too weird somehow...
her telling me while saying good night to her in bed "mom i just peed in my diaper" seems just like its a bit too much for me to handle right now...

i'm just really confused... why does she do that? is that just some kind of phase she's going through?... that's not normal or have you heard of any similar cases? What have i done wrong?? :/

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