Why does my Firex Smoke Alarm keep beeping when I replace with new 9 volt batteries. Do you make a r

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Why does my Firex Smoke Alarm keep beeping when I replace with new 9 volt batteries. Do you make a r

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  1. Laura Thompson


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  2. Guest2575
    Detatch the smoke detector from mounting, and detatch the wiring connector (might require a wide blade screwdriver to get it off). Take out the battery. Press the test button for 20 seconds. Vacuum the detector. Replace battery. Reconnect the wiring connector and re-mount the detector.
  3. Guest1983
    cannot locate reset button
  4. Guest6636
    I don't know if this will help you or not, but make sure you've inserted the battery correctly with the pos/neg inputs.
  5. Guest4044
    Firex Smoke alarm keep beeping when I replace new 9 volt batteries. What next?
  6. Guest4597
    Hi,wife called me at work... the smoke alarm is beeping can you replace battery when you get home? She went to the farthest room away to try to sleep.I got there... new alkaline 9v... No effect noise came from ceiling above box. What the ...went online ,found many  with same trouble.The company has an answer page that is a waste of time.I suspect they need to recall ther units obvious problem with their gadgets.That will be the day they will just twiddle thumbs try this try that, baloney. someone online suggested go to breaker box and kill power to that circuit. Funny that did nothing,however I have found electricians connect things their own way,go figure.So I listened to the noise went from @30seconds to EVERY 11 SECONDS! Just for grins I tried each breaker one at a time, switch off listen ya know what? The circuit to my garage turned it off! Phew wow silence happy wife dogs quiet too.I'd hope yours will stop beeping same way! Try it and if it does be sure to tell wife what you did. She can sleep, you can rest, dogs think you are in charge not the wife, haha.I hope this helps someone else out there in the real world.I do think that 'Firex' has some item in my attic under several feet of insulation that can get out of whack and noisy usually at night when sleep is one of the things we use firealarms to keep us safely enjoying.bonchance.
  7. Guest2305
  8. Guest5347
    Here's what I did and mercifully, I think it's stopped beeping!  I got out the manual which says to turn the power off to it at your fuse box (talk about electricians - it turns out that the circuit breaker for this fire alarm in the basement over the furnace is the stove in the kitchen one - ?) and then replace your battery.  After 24 hours of beeping and scaring the cats, I think it's working.
  9. Guest6864
    Remove the smoke alarm from the mounting bracket and disconnect the power. Remove the battery. Press and hold the test button for at least 15 seconds. The unit may chirp or alarm for a few seconds before going silent.  Reconnect the power and reinstall the battery. The unit will chirp once when the power is restored and should not chirp afterwards."  This worked... in other words we have to drain the capacitor that is holding enough energy to maintain the alarm
  10. Guest8706

    How do I get the battery out to replace it?

  11. Guest764

    use a can of compressed air like the ones you might use to clean your computer keyboard.  Blow the air all around the gap between the mounting base and the cover.  This has stopped the beeping in my alarm, which continued even after I replaced the battery.  After I cleaned it with compressed air the beeping stopped.

  12. Guest1092

    I've had a similar problem except that 4 of my detectors are going off at the same time even after replacing the batteries; btw checked the old batteries and they were still showing green w/ power!

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