Why does my wife want me to be in the delivery room

by Guest55807  |  11 years, 5 month(s) ago

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Why does my wife want me to be in the delivery room

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  1. Victor Strong

     Marty is absolutely on point, what she is about to go through is a complete stress on all of her systems. If this is her first child, the fact that so much is unknown is a nerve racking proposition for your wife.

    You were an equal part in creating that beautiful baby that is on the way and she wants to share in that experience with you. You two are life partners and you being there shows her a level of support that would help her through anything.

    I am with Marty, if you can choose to be there for your wife and the introduction of your miracle to this world I think you should. The fact that she wants you there is a real true example of love for you.

  2. marty39

    She will be going through a stressful experience and she wants someone she loves, and who loves her, to be with her and support her. I hope you can be strong enough to help her to be strong.

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