Why don't media educate people on what is coming (importance of vote) then focusing on faces?

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Mr. Talat, I appreciate what media has done so far in educating people but it is becoming redundant and i can no longer see progress. I am trying on personal level and i would really appreciate if the means of TV, Paper and most imprtantly Radio  is used to educate people about VOTE. I do not think that a layman knows that how voting for an MPA or an MNA effects the price of sugar and his everyday life. I personally think if they know the picture and detail of that SOP of it, then knowingly a SANE person will not vote a Sugar Mill Owner above the regulatory authority of sugar price and quota's. It not about education but more about the right person to chose to make your decision at large. Any initiative for educating on vote and power of it, i will me more than welcome to assist in ideas.My question is why hasn't the media educated the people on Voting and SOP of Institution of Govt. and rather focused on faces (like nawaz and zardari) and than put blame on people for making them important?

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  1. Guest9901

     Where i would like to answer this question as well. Things are not that simple as the way you see them my brother. Media is that invention by the USA which are working to educate people no doubt. But the aim of this education is to modernize the people of the Muslim world away from Islam. 

    Shyness is the thing which is there as the key factors of Muslims and the way I see things media is working very hard to remove this element from our society. Here now i am talking specifically about Pakistan. The west world are the countries which in people are living with out any sort of Sharam-o-Haya they never fell any shyness even in having s*x at some open place in front of people. 

    Same things are being educated through media to the people living in Pakistan. Here in Pakistan I see my youth doing same things on their dates. Thou they are not that open yet but still things are going in the same direction as West influence Pakistan because they know Power will rise form the same place, They are planing these things to make Muslims weak. West state the Shyness is illness but Islam is against this thing. 

    The real education is Islam. You can find Quran to be the best Book of all times even west admit this thing. Than why aren't we making Quran to teach us instead of Media. 

    Media is only spoiling us to the extreme level so wake up my brothers and stick to the religion which is the most eligible. Islam is the education which can make us successful and we can rule the world. Media are working for their own interest but not for public. 

    We need honest people ahead in media as well. So Islam is the only media that can let you know how to vote and whom to.

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