Why is Carlos Tevez getting paid from Manchester City but not playing

by Jack Fisher  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Why is Carlos Tevez getting paid from Manchester City but not playing?

This got to be the joke of the century and I do not understand where else in the world you can get paid but refuse to work.  Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is doing just that, he is getting paid but does not want to work for it unless things are done his way.  The latest on this long stretched battle is where Tevez is to face a disciplinary hearing after allegedly refusing to play in the second half against by Bayern Munich.
He was told to get on the field in the second half but decided not to get off the bench and really stepped on the pinky toe of city boss Roberto Mancini who publically showed his discontent by saying the following:

"He refused to come on the pitch. If I have my way, he will be out. He's finished with me."

But every picture has two sides and in this picture Tevez is taking the stand that it is a big misunderstanding, Tevez’s exact words are it’s a "misunderstanding" and "confusion on the bench". I don’t know if I buy this he is not playing for the first time and has stepped on the field countless times.
As a sports fan I think this whole thing is a disgrace and some of these high paying players should be taken to the cleaners.  Do you think Carlos Tevez is doing justice to Manchester City fans by behaving the way he is behaving?

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