Why is Obama not invited in British Royal wedding 2011?

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I heard that Obama is not invited in the British Royal wedding 2011. Why is it so?

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  1. Guest5837
    President Obama's name has been skipped from the list of invited in British Royal wedding 2011. For the reason, that the British security officials won't be able to handle the security of a high profile president.

  2. Guest2072

    President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle have not been invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Considering the Obamas did not receive a royal fax from the royal family. According to the news, the Queen invited 40 heads of state via gold-embossed invitations for the April 29 wedding at Westminster Abbey. Leaders from countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand were invited, along with Kings and Queens across Europe such as Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Greece. There’s been buzz that a state visit for President Obama was set up because there would have been expensive costs associated with added security to protect him at the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

  3. Guest9206

     If you closely examine the list to notable guest then answer is there in front of us. That list only include kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses so Mr. Barack Obama can never be in that list. 

    He will be formally invited perhaps later on or he might be invited and just kept secret. There can be many possibilities. It could be this way as well that The British Royal Family do not want to create any drama over there at the time of wedding. Hope you understand me.
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