Why is the rank shown in my Alexa Widget wrong?

by Guest9160  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I’ve recently installed Alexa widget on my site, and it’s showing data, but the problem is that the stats on widget and the data on site info page do not match. I’m so confused that which one is correct. Can anyone please help me!

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  1. Guest6911
    Alexa’s widgets can sometimes be a day or two behind the rank seen on the Alexa Web site. Wait a day and the rank should change.

  2. Guest7780

    It is not only Alexa but almost all widgets encounter such problems whereby they at times do not show the up to date information. Stats available on the website like Alexa are accurate and timely while the stats that Alexa widget shows on your blog or website are not always accurate. This inaccuracy does not mean that they are always wrong but actually there are many technical matters involved on the way between widget on your website and the original source of information, i.e. server issues, the time differences etc….

    In a nut shell, stats updates take little time to travel to your site from the source, and so the widgets on your site show that updated data after sometime, i.e. may be in a few minutes, hours or may be after a day. The crux is that you should not worry about it all, but you should worry if your Alexa rank is not improving and do efforts to bring it down as much as possible.

    Best of luck!


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