Why most Punjabi people drink so much

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Why most Punjabi people drink so much

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    Ironically, the consumption of any mind or physiologically altering substance (includes alcohol) is forbidden as per Sikh religion. Culturally however, the Punjabi people, Sikhs or otherwise are quite notorious for heavy drinking, particularly scotch and rye, however very few would say no if offered other alcoholic beverages (save for wine).

    The answer as to why they drink so much has a lot to do with how the consumption of alcohol is glorified among men of all ages in both social circles as well as song and film. Along the same lines, many young men look up to elders who have been drinking for a long time. A lot of these men, both young and old have made considerable money from ancestral land. Many of these men therefore have no reason to work, meaning that ample spare time is available to them to fill with drinking.


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