Why people love money so much

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Money is the cause of lots of good and bad in life but i have seen it change the best of the best.  people who were so nice and caring, came across money and it changed them totally.  Relationships that were built on emotions and sincerity get altered when money is involved.  why do people we love the most change when their bank balances increase?  someone i care for dearly loves money so much that she no longer pays attention to those who loved her the most.  She compares everything in dollars and cents.  if i can find out why people love money more than those who deserve the love, i can bring her back to reality. please help.

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     From the sounds of it, you know someone who changed for the worse when significant amounts of money came into their lives. There is little doubt that a sudden windfall of money or a significant sum that comes from hardwork changes an incredible amount in someone's life. What I truly believe though and have seen from people whose net worth is well over $250 million is that money does not neccesarily change someone, it simply magnifies what was always there. What I mean by this is when someone suddenly has money and the power (both real and perceived) that come with it, they will act on what has always been there.

    The other thing to consider is that people around you change how they act towards you as well when you come into money. What this leads to is people suddenly asking you for loans and to lend money to business ideas. 

    If someone starts looking at you and things in dollars and cents, then maybe sadly that person has forgotten who they are thanks to money. It is also abundantly clear that they are not content people and measure their happiness through money. You may not be able to change that, as happiness comes from within.

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