WikiLeaks Brazil: Where Muslim Terrorism Is Fought Very Discreetly

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I am finding complete detail about wikileaks Brazil documents? Anyone tell me

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  1. Guest9475
    Secret diplomatic messages from the United States released  by WikiLeaks reveal that Brazilian authorities arrested "several suspects allegedly involved in terrorism financing activities," but basically accused them of different charges "so as not to attract attention from the press or high government levels."

    The information is contained in data sent January 2008 to the State Department by the former US ambassador in Brazil, Clifford Sobel in reference to Brazilian policy to combat terrorism. The messages are part of 250.000 documents released by WikiLeaks and published Sunday by The New York Times; The Guardian; Le Monde; El País and the German magazine, Der Spiegel. The diplomatic documents, many random cover almost fifty years, from the sixties to February 2010.In his dispatch the US ambassador states that the government of Brazil is "a cooperative partner  against terrorist activities, in spite of the fact it does not like to make the issue public. The document adds that Brazil collaborates inclusively "with frequent arrests of individuals linked to terrorism.

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