WikiLeaks Pakistan India clash.

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WikiLeaks Pakistan India clash: what does wikileak say about WikiLeaks Pakistan India clash on Afghan issue? Can someone tell me the details?

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    Washington, Dec 1 (PTI) Pakistan, which has at every possible international forum raised its concerns over India's role in Afghanistan, had repeatedly rebuffed the offer of a briefing by New Delhi about its activities in Afghanistan, says a US cable released by WikiLeaks. India's unilateral offer was again relayed by the then Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon in his meeting with the Special US Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke on February 16, 2009 in New Delhi, wherein the latter praised India's developmental role in Afghanistan. "Menon acknowledged Pakistani suspicions about India's intentions in Afghanistan and explained that India has made numerous efforts over the past few years to try to allay Pakistan's concerns, only to be rebuffed," said the cable signed off by the then US Ambassador to India, David Mulford. "Menon said that he, as (the Indian) High Commissioner (to Pakistan), had offered to (the Pakistani) President (Pervez) Musharraf to sit down and explain exactly what India was doing in Afghanistan, without even asking for a reciprocal explanation from Pakistan, but that Pakistan officials -- not just Musharraf -- have avoided it in every way," the cable said. The two diplomats also discussed India's role in Afghanistan, which was then headed for elections. "India has no interest in any specific candidate in Afghan elections, Menon stated, but believes the upcoming election process should not add to instability. Equally important is that the election process is credible, therefore making Afghanistan's democracy credible," the cable said. "Menon noted that Afghan Lower House Speaker Mohammad Yunis Qanuni was currently in Delhi, and said India supported the Election Commission's proposal for the August 20 polling". Menon stated that the GOI was also planning to tell Qanuni that controversy over the exact date of the election should not be allowed "to bring the house down," adding that to do so would only be in the Taliban's interest.

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