Will David Beckham be playing in the AC MILAN v MAN UTD fixture

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Will David Beckham be playing in the AC MILAN v MAN UTD fixture

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  1. amomipais82
    HI There,

    Win/Draw at San siro will get us through as long as we can get the precious away goal/s. whatever their form,they are a quality side with enormous European experience,and some may say its an ageing Milan but in my opinion they still are capable of beating any side on their day.

    We should'nt be pessimistic about our chances,afterall we've made it to the finals in last two occasions.

    Players to watch out in the Milan side are Pirlo,Pato,Borriello,Ronaldinho,Beckham and the likes of Seedorf,Gattuso & Inzaghi as usual and not to forget their know what I mean

    Inspite of everything,an attack minded game will take us through i believe but a defensive mindset in either of the games will make us vulnerable.

    The key for our success lies in Rooney playing as an AMF

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