Will India beat Pakistan in World Cup 2011 semi final for 5th consecutive time in a World Cup match?

by Guest4068  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Having beaten Pakistan in all previous word cup encounters, will India once again going to repeat the same performance?

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  1. Guest7893

    Well i think the conditions and symptoms are still on Indian side, they will try hard to win a semi final match as they have a chance to win another worldcup at home ground. So i would say this is going to be the biggest cricket terrorism on the earth 


  2. Guest144

     It was more than that because it was not the Indian team who make Pakistan to loose rather it was someone living in Pakistan who made us loose against India. Otherwise Pakistani team was in best ever form under the Shahid Afridi. 

    All the people in Pakistan know that where Pakistani team was standing before the world cup and where they are currently. I know it cannot be done by one man lonely but Afridi did it. And in return He is out from the team. That is what Pakistan is. 
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