Will Mitsubishi be making its Lancer Evo still a gas guzzler or will it be taking the Evo to the Hybrid age?

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as ferrari’s and Lambroghini’s have made hybrid sports cars, will Mitsubishi be joining the Hybrid league or will it still be making its Lancer Evolution running on pure octane?

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  1. James Harley

     Mitsubishi is thinking of scrapping its gas guzzlers and launching brand-new electric and gas-electric hybrids, Mitsubishi is aimed towards meeting ever-tighter global emissions standards, the rumor is that even the Lancer Evolution is going to go green. Mitsubishi has the idea to keep its high-performance and AWD in the Evo XI, but also use some of the technology already behind the forthcoming i-MiEV electric city car and mate it to either a turbodiesel or a gas motor. The potential would still be there for exceptional output when both gas/electric power plants combine, but it's possible Mitsubishi may allow the driver highway down on battery juice alone, vastly improving fuel economy. Evo XI may become both larger and more refined too, positioning it more naturally against rivals like Audi.

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