Will Pakistan repeat the World Cup '99 group match performance against Australia today?

by Guest5892  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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To break Australia's winning streak,  can Pakistan repeat the same performance in World Cup 2011 in today's match as they did back in 1999 World Cup group match?

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  1. Guest9304

    Pakistan has not been doing well against Australia in the previously played 6 ODIs, losing all the matches in a row. They have given tough time to the kangaroos but that has been perhaps just once in a blue moon. In the world cup encounters, Pakistan has won 3 out of the 7 matches played in the world cup, rest being won by Australia. Despite all this, Pakistan remains to be one of the team with an ability to beat Australia besides the likes of England, South Africa, Sri Lanka and India. Pakistan has a good bowling attack with a lot of support in the spin department. Not perhaps as good as the Australian fast bowling attack, the capability of Umer Gul and Wahab Riaz cannot be under estimated. Nevertheless, Pakistan shall have to show a lot of character particularly in the batting if they are to give Australia a healthy competition.  


  2. Guest7223

    Well, doesn't seem history repeating itself this time...... I feel Pakistan will win the group match as well as final..... But you never know Cricket is game of luck at times too.... But honestly, Pakistani team is doing well this time as compared to 99 world cup! And the reason for this is may be reputation at stake......

  3. Guest5123

     It's hard to predict any thing at this stage. Let's hope that Pakistan, learning from its past experiences puts up a better performance in the upcoming match with the Australians.

  4. Guest1346

     Pakistani performed extremely well and broke the long winning streak of Australia in the World Cup matches. Before the match Australia was the favorite team but no one actually predicted such a result. Pakistan winning the match and making it easy for India to end the renaming venom out from them.    

    And yes Pakistan performed the repetition of the World Cup 99 group match performance against Australia that day as well. Hope that PAkistani team regain all the lost strenth back and there would be some fighting cricket because currently Pakistan is missing that glorey.

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