Will Shoaib Akhtar play in the world cup 2011 quarter final ?

by Guest5379  |  11 years, 5 month(s) ago

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With an experience of playing two world cups, will Shoaib Akhtar be included in Pakistan side for the quarter final?

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  1. Guest5551
    Struggling for fitness, with an ordinary bowling display against New Zealand and missing out the last two important group matches, it is very unlikely that the Pakistani speedstar will be included in the final 11 for the quarter final against the West Indies. At the age of 36 with hot and humid weather conditions in South Asia, it may not be easy for the Rawalpindi express to be right on the track. Besides, no miracle could be expected from the tiring fast bowler so it may be wise not to include him in the quarter final.

  2. Guest1841

    I would rather say that Shoaib Akhar should be included in semi final and finals too.... he is not an experiece bowler than wahab but also got potential to change the match situation in just one over...  The record of shoaib has always been good versus playing with India... Further as he has anounced his retirement So he will definately use every single stone he got to demolish indian batting line... I don't think so weather condition will effect on his performance as Pakistan and India more or less the have the same weather... I am expecting no miracle but indain batsman always be in fear facing Ralwalpindi Express

  3. Guest4217

     Question should be: Shoaib Akhtar or Wahab Riaz? And the answer will be straight away, Shoaib. Pakistan has effectively played with 10 players in last two matches because of very ordinary performance by Wahab. If that's what Pakistan have as a replacement, might as well play Shoaib. If worked, it'll do wonders and change the match, if not, then you have nothing to lose. Remember Wahab only bowled 6-7 overs in each match with rate of 6+ runs per over. Surely, Shoaib can do 6-7 overs with the same average at his worst. Think:)

  4. Guest9996

     Yes he was struggling but before the World Cup. He passed the fitness test that was why he was there other wise he would not have been. And also it was his last World Cup so he should have been given a chance to play at least to enter into the play. 

    If he would have been added in the semi-final game result might have been some thing else. But now its all use less to talk about. 
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