Will South Africa take sometime to recover from defeat in world cup 2011 quarter final?

by Guest6209  |  12 years, 5 month(s) ago

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After getting a shocking and stunning defeat from New Zealand in the world cup 2011 quarter final, how long it may take South Africa to recover?

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  1. Guest6003

     No i do not think the they need time for any thing like it. They are in quite outstanding form in cricket since the day they make a come back in 92. 

    But the luck is not there with them or they are not there to be in the list of countries who won the world cup like England.

    But South Africa is the best team ever since the day they were allowed to play cricket back in 92, after 22 years of Ban. 

  2. Guest2610

    The South African should be looking forward to their cricket. The World Cup 2011 was certainly not the last one in the history though losing one could be very hurting every time. But this defeat must not prove to be lethal for South African cricket in the long run as it may damage their confidence to ever win a big game in a mega event.

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