Will go ipo?

by Guest5110  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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Will go ipo? there is talks of the betting company going ipo but will they do it while the legal matters in the USA are still not solved yet?

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  1. Guest3573
    Betfair ipo talk is spreading and lots of people think they are moving towards it but that is exactly it; every company wants to create a liquidity event at some point and betfair is no different. Having said that; i don't see them going public until USA decides on what side of the table they want to sit on; until gambling is made legal in the USA betfair can't really go public for two reasons:

    They have american money involved in terms of funding
    They don't want to miss out on the biggest market in the world. they have waited this long and are still growing, no point taking a shortcut.

  2. Guest4449
    They will go ipo for sure but not until the mid 2010. Currently everything is just being setup to make sure its a big float.
  3. Guest1993
    which ipot has a phone index a memo to keep my information
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