Will employers be able to let go staff over 65 next year

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Will employers be able to let go staff over 65 next year?  according to the recent news, the default retirement age in the uk is ending.  It means employers (yes all employers) will no longer be allowed to dismiss staff (is this fair) just because they have reached the age of 65.

What do you think, is this right and fair for the employees and employers?

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  1. Guest7583

    In my humble opinion, i think this will do more harm than good. more and more people are going under the poverty line. so if less of the elderly citizen will retire that means even lesser job vacancies for those who are graduating from schools and trying to begin there careers. it will caused frustration in the young and the already shrinking job market will even shrink further. creating hurdles for the smooth transition of responsibilities from one generation to the other. 


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