Will family tree maker deluxe run on windows 7?

by Guest5985  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I am running Family tree maker deluxe on vista and I am thinking of upgrading my system to windows 7 but before that I want to know that will Family Tree maker deluxe run on windows 7 or not.

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  1. Guest3258

    For 20 years, Family Tree Maker has been the number one selling history software. The Family Tree Maker 2011 is our best version so far, it is packed with more than 100 which are specifically requested by our users. Whether you are a genealogist or just wanting to start your family tree, here you will enjoy all sorts of new and exciting ways to discover, that can preserve and share your family story.

    The stories written here are a narrative tool and they are ready to start the history of ancestor. There is a Smart Stories editor that makes it very easy to drag and drop text and photos from your tree into story pages and it will update the changes which are made. There are some new and improved charts which have the enhancements like backgrounds, borders and the embellishments. There is a feature of enhanced report that added a surname and also allows to sort custom reports. Another media management tools are such as drag and drop, cut, paste and also categorize multiple items at the same time.

    As far as compatibility is concerned the Family Tree Deluxe will run on the Windows 7. You can update your system to Windows 7.


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