Will it prove to be good for Pakistan not playing the quarter and semi final in India?

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After receiving threats from the Indian extremists, will it be a relief for Pakistan not playing quarter and semi final in India?

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  1. Guest4477

    In my opinion it is good that India and Pakistan are not playing the quarter and semi finals in India because of the past rivalry between both the nations causes a serious threat to both the teams members as the defeat is usually unacceptable to fans of both teams.

    A match between the two countries is often equated with war. 


  2. Guest1146

    The games like quarter final and semi final are always big games with a lot of tension involved. Besides the natural anxiety of a big match if there happen to be some other tensions as well, then there are always chances of performance getting affected. When it comes to a final then there is no other way except playing. However, it is good for Pakistan after having received threats from some Indian extremists parties that they have to play quarter final and semi final at places other than India.


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