Will there be a psychological factor involved in Pakistan-India world cup 2011 semi final?

by Guest8548  |  8 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Pakistan has lost all the ICC World Cup Cricket encounters to India so is this track record going to psychologically effect Pakistan in any way?

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  1. Guest7924

     The Pakistan cricket team lost all the ICC World Cup encounters to India indeed but that can make any sort of psychological pressure. 

    Pakistan is the nation who has been not threatened with the massive suicide bombers so they can not be in any sort of psychological pressure of any kind. 

    And Pakistan already made few records in this world cup so they are there to change the entire course of history so India will be a disappointed team at the end of the day after semi-final.

  2. Guest2100

    When Pakistan and India come across each other in a match that becomes a totally different scenario. If India has beaten Pakistan in most ICC Cricketing events then the green shirts have won more matches than the men in blue on the whole. This will very much depend upon that whose day it is going to be. Hence, there may not be any impact of the psychological factor yet it cannot be totally discarded.

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