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I have created some windows 2.0 games for Windows XP and I need the windows 2.0 logo icon file to use it for my new games.

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     A computer icon is a graphical emblem that comprises a house, function, or entity. In computer submissions, icons are utilised to rapidly execute instructions or open programs and documents. You get access to the functionality behind an icon by banging or double-clicking it. Operating schemes often permit you to customize visuals of diverse things by applying your own made-to-order icons.

    You may get icons from diverse causes (for demonstration from our icon library) or you can construct your own. If you select to chase the tougher but more paying route (creating your own icons), you will require to understand more than what was currently said. In this introduction to Windows XP icons, you will learn:

    •         What's the relative between an image and an icon.

    •         What's the structure of an icon.

    •         How are icons distributed.

    •         What's the distinction between Windows XP icons and older icons.

    An icon is created of some images. They have distinct dimensions (or resolutions) and hue depths. Windows characterises benchmark dimensions (16x16, 32x32, 48x48) and benchmark hue depths (16 colors, 256 colors, 16.8M colors), that should be present in any general-purpose icon.

    There really were no alterations to the icon format when Windows XP was released. Windows XP is just adept to make use of a high value likeness format in an icon. In this format, each pixel has one of 16M colors and one of 256 grades of transparency. That entails a pixel is no longer either opaque or transparent. Now it can be semi-transparent. The transparency grade is called alpha channel.

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