Windows 7 customization pack for Xp.

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I am looking for windows 7 customization pack for xp. Please tell me the one you have used and found it great.

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    There are lots of customization packs based on Windows 7 available in the market for Vista and XP after the release of Windows 7 Beta to public. These packs have similar looks and features to Windows 7 and are widely accepted by Windows users. Deviantart user has made a customization pack for Windows XP which transforms it with the looks of Windows 7. The theme pack of this customization pack will only run on Windows XP SP3 English versions.

    The pack has mostly the revamped and improved versions for Windows7. The customization pack includes following features;


    This includes the Windows Vista System Properties (Sysdm.cpl).

    It also includes Windows Automatic Updates Mod and Windows Security Center Mod


    Windows 7 has the Gabriola Font for XP

    Seven calculator:

    Windows Seven Calculator for XP

    Styler Skins with Enhancements:

    Excellent Styler Skins from Win7 Build 7000.


    Exclusive and official Windows-7 Wallpapers


    Many Perfect theme for Windows-7 by Ernasco

    Findexer Kit:

    Windows 7 and Vista Findexer Kit for XP

    System Files Transformation:

    The pack helps to transform the main system files by bringing a change in the way the GUI looks. The sidebar of the Windows however is not included feature in the pack. You will have to download it from Rainmeter or Wincert use which is a good alternative.

    These features are for XP SP3 English only. You cannot translate to other languages after installing this transformation pack.


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