Winning world cup 2011 quarter final has proved New Zealand to be Silent Killers?

by Guest380  |  12 years, 5 month(s) ago

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With the South Africans proving to be Chokers in Cricket, have the New Zealanders confirmed themselves as Silent Killers?

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  1. Guest5647

     Yes indeed they are the silent killers. They are annoyed all the fans who were in support of South Africa. 

    Kiwis played the quarter-final the way they use to play in the world cup of 92. 

    They really surprised the whole cricketing world because no one was thinking about what they did. 

    Well the silent killers, killed the emotions of the nation who are always deprived of the Cup which is always in reach to them but never accessed. 

  2. Guest5083

    New Zealand have well and truly proved themselves as Silent Killers beating South Africa in the world cup 2011 quarter final. After losing series to Pakistan (at home), India and Bangladesh no one would have gone on to expect such a miraculous turn around from New Zealand but they have done it quite comfortably.

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