Women’s fitness plan exercises.

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I saw myself in the mirror this morning and I was shocked to see how much weight I have put on, I need a plan to follow, suggest an effective fitness plan exercise which I should follow.

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  1. James Harley

     to get a slim and smart body you need an effective fitness plan that doesn’t exhaust the steam out of you, the plan below is designed to get the maximum out of your workout with enough calorie to be healthy.

    This program is a six week program, in which you will have to do some cardio workouts with some strengthening exercises,

    You will need the following while going through the plan.

    • Resistance band loop (9 to 12 inches)

    • Resistance band with handles

    • Stability ball

    • Chair, step, or bench

    • Dumbbells (two to five pounds)

    You will have to work on the following exercises that needs a little room not a gym to work on.

    Side-to-side hops with resistance band


    Power kick

    Squat-and-row with resistance band

    Chest press with resistance band

    Modified bent-over

    Stability ball circles

    Ultimate toe touch

    You will have to follow the above exercises each day by working on about 5 to 10 reps each hour a day. The above given exercises are also cardio which help very much in cutting down calories.

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