Workouts for Women at gym.

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I used to be in good shape since I have started working I just can’t get time to focus on myself due to which I have gained a lot of weight, what workouts should I do in the gym?

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  1. James Harley

     Workouts not only make a person in shape but it also frees and refreshes the mind, affective exercises are an essential part to lose weight, following are the list of some of the top most exercises for women to do in a gym.

    BICYCLING: Cycling is the best exercise for the outgoing women, have some sightseeing while you cycle, Bicycling burns from 500-1000cal/hr depending on how fast you can go.

    ELLIPTICAL BURNER: the elliptical burner helps in toning your stomach and makes your muscles strong, it burns about 600 cal/hr, it is one of the most convenient exercises, especially when you dont want to miss your favorite show on T.V.

    Treadmill: the tread mill is capable of burning 200 cal/ hr; it is the substitute to running.

    Stationary bike or Rowing Machine: Both are an alternative to each other capable of burning 40 to 50 % more than cycling.

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