Workouts for Women over 50

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I am 50 and I am a mother of two kids, because of a lot of care taking I have stopped taking a look at myself and I fell kind of tired all day, the doctor told me to exercise as it will freshen my body up, what workouts should I do according to my age?

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  1. Garrett Hnatiuk

    Yoga can be extremely beneficial for men and women of all ages, particularly those of us that happen to be older. Yoga extends and fortifies joints, raises flexibility and improves inhaling and exhaling. I think it can be a wonderful accessory for your overall fitness regime as well as highly recommend trying a class or even purchasing a beginners' DVD.

  2. Victor Strong

     All of James' suggestions are vital to better physical health. The only thing I can think to add is that yoga can be extremely beneficial for women and men of all ages, particularly those of us who happen to be older. Yoga stretches and fortifies joints, increases flexibility and improves breathing. I think it can be a wonderful addition to your overall fitness regime and highly recommend trying a class or purchasing a beginners' DVD.

  3. James Harley

     Women don’t need to worry about becoming as bulky as men because women lack the testosterone men have, Men need to heavy weight workouts to stay in shape, Women over 50 can easily workout on lighter weights. Listed below is a cardiovascular exercise program designed especially for women over 50,

    Training Basics:  Start your exercise with a 10-15 min cardio exercise to warm up the large muscles in order to become resistant and to draw blood to the heart and oxygen from the lungs. It is important to have a warm up when specific muscle groups are isolated.

    Before starting an exercise is sure not to work on same muscle groups instead work on opposite groups, for example exercise the arms with legs. Following are some workout positions and tips for upper and lower body part.

    Upper Body Workout: One day Exercise the upper body part and other days the lower part by dividing your resistant training, like do 8 to 10 reps of biceps with the help of 2- 5 pound weights in each hand, follow with the same for triceps. Move to a wall and do wall pushups by pressing your hands on the wall about 5 to 10 reps.

    Lower Body Workout: To have a strong gait work on the legs, do lunges with any weight of choice. Stand with your legs widen, first step your right foot forward so that the knee is above the ankle, step back and repeat with the left foot, do it around 15reps with a 2 pound dumbbell in each of your hands.

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