Workouts for Women to lose belly fat

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When I first wanted to lose my belly fat and define my Abs so I could show of my six packs I spent hours on the web. I found many sites where "experts" were telling us to concentrate on the exercises that target the abdominals. I spent 3 months religiously using these exercises and yes you guessed it, I lost hardly any stomach fat at all. What should i do? How should i lose my belly fat?

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  1. Garrett Hnatiuk

    Get off from unhealthy foods, fast foods, smoking, beer & drugs. Do a great, healthy balanced diet. Get up one hour early every day & take a brisk 30 minute stroll - then - perform the same thing again in the evening following dinner. Within 90 days you should see a great result. If you are not willing to make a commitment to improvement - after that forget it - it isn't gonna happen.

  2. Kuljit Grewal

     James is spot on that supersetting exercises (doing two or more exercises and their reps in succession) is a great way to train muscles and build stamina while losing fat. However, in order to really trim the fat around your midsection, your focus should be on your diet and food habits rather than exercise. You could already have a great looking abdominal region, however it is buried below your fat - leaving it hidden. Fat reduction has to be for your entire body, not a specific region. The way to trim down is to consume fewer calories than you burn in a day and make sure that those calories are clean and well balanced between protein, good fats and slow digesting carbohydrates.

    The number of calories you need can be calculated here -

  3. James Harley

     Super set is a exercise type which works mostly on the abdominal part of your body, this exercise burns over 13% more calories than normal exercises. This type of usually demolishes calories. In supersets you have to do two moves back to back with no rest. Super set has a capability to continue burning fats and calories at a higher rate for up to 16 hours after you leave the gym.

    During your workout have a sip an energy drink. After the workout do 15 minutes of low-impact cardio, and then eat suddenly as soon as you could. Your body’s blood sugar levels are low; your body is hungry for food. Light activity will keep your muscles from tightening up the next day like taking the dog for a walk, taking a yoga class etc are best for Super set exercises.

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