Workouts for Women to reduce weight.

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I used to be in good shape since I have started working I just can’t get time to focus on myself due to which I have become really fat, what workouts should I start to lose weight?

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  1. Garrett Hnatiuk

    Cardio is very important because it can help your stamina and allow you to definitely go longer. The key to slimming down is intensity and duration. What this means is a full body workout that is nonstop. Obviously the more you can go, the more you'll burn which is where cardio comes in. It is best to start running one mile every second day for two weeks. On the third week Don't run at all, or you will get medial stress syndrome!

    Always stretch before and after you take and don't run at night! Many young woman are cheated at night while they run not to mention they have their ipods on so their awareness is useless.

    You need to stretch every day, but you could possibly get away with only stretching around the days you work out. You need to not only stretch, but possess some warm up exercises to get the blood flowing. You're warm-up stretches should last Fifteen minutes.

    Calisthenic exercise is the best way to go since it doesn't require any equipment besides perhaps a towel to lie on or something like that. Here are some good exercises that actually work out you legs, butt, abs, waist, chest, upper limbs.

  2. Guest96304

     James' suggested cardio workouts all work to improve cardiovascular health, burn fat and build lean muscle - all of which will go a long way towards weight loss. The largest factor for your ideal figure however is your diet. A focus on a whole foods diet that consists of lean meats and fish, vegetables and fruits as well as complex carbohydrates such as oats and brown rice coupled with healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil are required as well. For a great read on calories and the number you need as well as the ratio of carbs, proteins and fats you need, check the following out:


  3. James Harley

     Workouts not only make a person be in shape but it also helps in freeing and refreshing the mind, affective exercises are an essential part to lose weight, following are the list of some of the top most exercises for women.

    1. STEP AEROBICS: Step aerobics is one of the most intense calorie burning exercises for women, burning at about 800 cal/hr step aerobics mainly focuses on your legs, hips and bum, which are often the areas that women are most worried about and want them toned.

    2. BICYCLING: Cycling is the best exercise for the outgoing women, have some sightseeing while you cycle, Bicycling burns from 500-1000cal/hr depending on how fast you can go.

    3. SWIMMING: Swimming is considered to be one of the most pleasant exercises to lose weight especially in the summer, it burns about 800cal/hr and it is best for summers, soothing your mind and body

    4. RACQUETBALL: Racquet ball makes you run side to side on the court which allows your body to burn about 800cals/hr, Racquetball is one of the exercises that helps in increasing your stamina.

    5. ELLIPTICAL BURNER: the elliptical burner helps in toning your stomach and makes your muscles strong, it burns about 600 cal/hr, it is one of the most convenient exercises, especially when you dont want to miss your favorite show on T.V.

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