Would England still be confident to win world cup 2011 quarter final against Sri Lanka ?

by Guest216  |  12 years, 6 month(s) ago

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After some of the key English players left during the world cup 2011, is there still a chance for England to beat Sri Lanka?

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  1. Guest3609

    Despite some of the key English players going back home during the World Cup 2011, the chances of England winning the title are still by no means over as yet. It has been seen that matches have come up with results far more different than they were expected. The English team for sure would be in a spot of bother after losing some big guns but must be confident after beating West Indies in an important group match.

  2. Guest9697

     Obviously they are in a big game against Sri-Lanka in the knock out stage. So they must be indeed full of confidence to win the final quarter final and to qualify for the Semi-final stage along with Pakistan, India And New Zealand. 

    England is the most desperate team to become the world champion because they are the one who basically invented the cricket and never been crowned with the title of the world champions.  

    So they will play with the best strategies to defeat Sri-Lanka and stand up with the other three semi-finalist who already qualified.  
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