Would you pay a $1000 joining fee for a dating website

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Would you pay a $1000 joining fee for a dating website

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  1. Victor Strong

     I personally would not pay that type of fee for joining a website unless they had something to offer me that was worth more to me than $1,000. I also would try my best to not pay the fee up front and stall until I have something worthwhile from the site in return, or a guarantee to get my money back should I not get what I want from the site. That however, is just me.

    What does this site offer over other similar and wide ranging competitors. Sites like and eHarmony are incredibly popular and reputable services that allow people to meet and get to know each other as people. This site would have to present me with the exact type of people I am looking for or the opportunity to date celebrities or people is similar high profile career that I am a member of for me to consider. Regular dating however, is better served where it is free in my opinion.

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