Would you use autopilot to drive your car

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Would you use  autopilot to drive your car

There are advantages like, The driver can use the time to travel to work or relax
Companies must achieve a reliability of 99 %, as the aircraft is required
The technology is almost ready, but must also develop the legal framework

Do not be like the stuff of science fiction, it is approaching fast. The autopilot complete, that will convert the driver and passenger to use the time to work or relax, instead of driving is  coming later this decade. This was announced by manufacturers like Mercedes and Volvo, among others, and component suppliers like Bosch.

The technology is almost ready, and the first function that relies on self- guided introduction is for highway, because it is less complex driving environment: no oncoming traffic, nor crossings, pedestrians or traffic lights. The listing is conditional, because they still have to achieve 99% reliability in operation, as the aircraft is required, and also adapt the legal framework with regard to traffic regulations and insurance companies: for now the only subject I can drive and benefit from current system is man coverage.

Bosch, like car brands such as Audi, BMW, Toyota, Nissan and those mentioned above, are working to provide the autopilot highway within five to seven years. Prototypes and roll around the world in real traffic situations and analyzes confirm a reliability of 90 %. But experimental vehicles now carry cameras, radar sensors and special large, protruding from the body, and the ultimate goal is to remove them and now use devices that are already integrated, without sacrificing reliability.

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